Season 13 draft, Y.O.P. review #????

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W/ the all star break having come and gone, and watching several pitchers in this class leave their mark on the game, its time to catch up w/ what this elite draft class is up to.

Glen_Brett was selected at the top of the draft, and as a college senior, Brett was made the biggest mark to date in the show. Already in his 4th season and in his prime at 27, Brett has racked up 55 wins with a 1.25 WHIP.

The selection of Walter_Pote was widely lauded in these circles. Following an injury plagued season 14, Pote was quitely shipped off the Chicago in a deal meet by many shrugs. However, despite a rocky debut in the majors last season, it would appear that Chicago may be getting the last laugh as Pote was announced to the all star team following an 11-1 start, a 3.07 era, 1.23 WHIP and a near 2:1 K:BB ratio. As others wait for him to fall back to earth, Pote's gathering steam for a Cy Young nomination.

With the 3rd selection, Atlanta grabbed the to HS arm, $11 mil bonus baby Craig_Winston. Season 17 saw Winston walk away with Rookie of the Year honors, gathering 15 wins vs 6 losses, a sporty Omaha Stylee era, a 1.10 WHIP and 2.4 strikeouts for every 1 walk. So far in season 18, Winston has been even more dominate with 11 wins vs 3 losses, a sub 1.00 WHIP, sub 2.00 ERA and nearly 3 Ks for every walk leading to his first all star game appearance (a rather forgetable 1st inning on short rest). At this pace, the #2 pick and #3 pick from season 13 may be going head to head for the Cy Young award.

At #4, KC took the lone non-pitcher of the top 10, second baseman Zeke_Evans. Zeke displays great range at 2nd, though the glove is shaky at times. However, for the 4th pick KC passed on a lot of solid arms for a guy that does nothing spectacular at the plate. Though he's solid on the base paths, he's OPS'd to the tune of .750 over roughly 3 major league seasons. At 27, Zeke isn't likely to see much improvement, and poor makeup means he'll start his decline in another season or two.

Arizona (now Fresno) got us back on the pitching track w/ Lyle_Hines at #5. At the age of 23, Lyle made his major league debut this season, later than the rest, but he's thrown gems from the get go. Despite the 5-13 record, Lyle sports a 3.05 era, 1.17 WHIP, and a near 3:1 k:bb ratio. Once Fresno acquires some talent around him, expect Lyle's win rate to improve, as his slash rates lead him to multiple all star appearances.

At #6, Boston selected HS lefty Boomer_Conroy. Boomer has struggle do date as opponents have been driving balls into and over the Green Monster at an alarming rate. In 2 seasons, Boomer is 14 up, and 31 down, with a 1.5 WHIP & near 5.00 era. Boston's director of player personal still believes that Boomer will eventually put things together and projects as a middle rotation starter in the bigs. Hopefully Boomer realizes that potential in Boston, rather than his next stop.

With the 7th pick, Texas selected HS fireballer Chad_Pride. When the franchise relocated to Memphis, Pride quickly became the problem for AL hitters. Pride had a shakey start to the bigs, lossing 11 times to 5 wins, with a 4.35 era. However, his 1.31 WHIP last year indicated that there was some greatness lurking behind his losses. Season 18 has seen Pride develop into the face of the organization, his first all star bid, and a challenge for the Cy Young. 16-6, 0.98 WHIP, 1.98 era, 143Ks to 38 BBs. Memphis may fall short of the playoffs this season, but expect them to be a contender for a long time w/ Pride leading the charge.

Portland early jumped to the podium to take HS righty Vic_Pena at 8. Working in the glow of the Rookie of the year award in season 16, Pena has struggled the last 2 years. This season, Pena has dropped 10 decision to 7 victories, but more alarming is his 1.82 WHIP & 7.00+ ERA. The "B" word is starting to creep into conversation of Pena, despite scouts suggesting he has 3 top level pitches. Phone calls to Victor Zambrano remain unreturned as Portland attempts to fix the demons in his head and realize the promise that Pena once displayed.

Cleveland choose Boots_Gonzales with the 9th pick. Despite solid middle of the rotation stuff, Boots has already been the center piece of 2 seperate trades, finding his way to Baltimore in season 17. A successful cup of coffee last year left Baltimore fans with great hope this year, however an early season injury set him back several months. Boots has bounced back from his injuries and thru 11 starts he has a 0.80 era, sub 2.5 era, 5 wins, 2 losses and an amazing 52k:12bb ratio. At 23, Boots has a chance to further recover some of his skills that were lost to injury, expect a long solid career in Baltimore.

Harold_Aspromonte, the premier closer of the draft was choosen at #10 by Trenton (Balitmore). However, fears of injury lead Baltimore to trade Aspromonte to Portland in season 16. The fear of injury has yet to rear its ugly head, and Portland has reaped the rewards, watching Aspromonte 69 wins in 2+ seasons. His career 2.53 era should hold up strong as long as he remains healthy, and at 25, he has many seasons left to contender for the Rolaids Fireman award.

Tacoma put an end to the run on pitchers, using the 11th pick to take Rene_Richardon. Rene was later traded to jacksonville, before finding his way to Seattle half way thru season 17. Rene finally made his debut w/ Seattle this year, thought the sledding has been rougher than expected. A 1.52 WHIP & 5.22 era have led to a 5-7 mark on the hill. Scouts tell us that Rene still displays his dominate fastball and pinpoint control, believing he'll remain a fixture in the Seattle rotation as the team is built around him.

And so it is written, 5 years after their draft this amazing class has all reached the show. Hard to believe the college seniors are nearing the middle of their careers already. Pote has easily been the most suprising (in a good way), while Pena's the most suprising in a bad way. Brett, Winston & Pride all remain on track for the HoF careers several predicted. Hines & Gonzalez have been nothing short of spectacular in their short careers, while Boomer & Rene leave a little to be desired, though clearly on the rebuilding teams. Aspromonte will remain filthy in the 9th, as long as his elbow holds up, and fans in KC will always wonder what could have been. Until the next update, this class remains one of the better classes on paper. There are several more later in the draft who could be highlighted as well, but the Season 13 - 10 will always have time seperating their names from each other in the annuals of plumpyville!!!!1111



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