Season 16 - Rumors

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Chicago Fatties

Miguel Lopez, coming off a solid offensive year, is available for trade. Lopez is hitting his first arbitration hearing and the Fatties are reportedly looking for any prospects, but are hoping to get offers involving starting pitchers or shortstops.

Aubrey Rupe and his expiring contract are being shopped. Rupe has 149 career saves at age 29, including 43 just last season (out of 46 attempts).

Memphis Problems

Phillip Spiers, entering his second arbitration hearing, has a .301 avg, .368 OBP, and .879 OPS for his ML career…and he’s available.

Josh Mills and Sal Wilkerson are also available. Memphis is looking to get a bit younger as the team is not quite ready to compete this year.

Montgomery Burns

Winners of 10 of 15 division titles, and playoff participants 13 of those 15, Monty is facing stiff competition in the NL South. A good GM recognizes this and when reached for comment says “I am seriously shopping everyone.” Most other GMs want to know, “does that include Todd Ford?” The short answer is “yes, but” as it will have to be a major deal. Monty has some very nice Starters available, a few stud relievers, and some great everyday players. Monty is looking for elite prospects in return.

Bottom line for anyone who has watched the Burns franchise over the “years,” you know management will make all the right moves (even if it isn’t making a move). Although not a fire sale, this is a good opportunity to take a look at the talent Monty has available.

Oklahoma City Cyclones

Moises Bravo is available (ok, so maybe this isn’t new news). He is in his final year of his contract, the OKC management is willing to pay some of his contract off. Possible destinations could be NL teams looking for depth or an AL team looking to take a flier on a one year solution at DH. Bravo has been hoping his opposite field stroke will land him in Boston, but it is unclear whether Boston management is as enamored with him.

Philadelphia Regulators

Another team in transition similar to Montgomery. The Regulators are looking to replace Che Ong in Right Field and are looking for a power bat to play in that spot. They have young starting pitching to offer, but if they can't fill that need look for Geoffrey McNamara and Dan Percival to be available for prospects.

San Juan Elephant Seals

MVP candidate Ivan Rivas is available for the right price. He’s reportedly seeking 7 million in arbitration or a 4y/5.6m contract extension.

LRP Dan Regan (4.0 arb) and setup guy Ed Nunnari (1.3 arb) are available. All-Star Gary Ducey is also available. He is reportedly seeking 4.4 in his second arbitration hearing.

San Juan is also listening to offers for prospects like: OF Santiago Amaral, 1B BC Romero, and SP Julius Flair. In exchange SJU will be looking for a stud CF or a dominant Starting Pitcher (or even two).

Scranton Boll Weevils

The Boll Weevils likely will have a quiet offseason, but they are rumored to be after a strong utility infielder. Word is the Boll Weevils management will place a call or two to Atlanta (likely targets include Lee and Aguilera) to fill this need.

Tacoma Chicken Dance

No one interesting is on the block at the moment, but sources inside the organization insist there may be a major name shopped later.

Tacoma is looking to fill the bench. Management is looking to target players who may be a salary dump or possibly a non-tender.

Tampa Bay Pirates

Word around Tampa is Tony Carrasco is available. Now blessed with a rich farm system, Pirates management may also be willing to part with prospects who below the AAA level in order to make a big splash for the right player. By all indications the ideal target for Tampa Bay is a young shortstop.

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