Season 13, Y.O.P. Review (season 15)

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With the minor leagues about to enter their phase of the world series, and their major league equivalents having moved on to round 2 already, I thought this was a good time to review the past season from season 13's draft class and how they stack up going forward.

Glen_Brett cracked Tampa's rotation out of spring training and put together a very solid rookie campaign in the majors. In 32 starts, Glen posted 12 wins to 8 losses, w/ a tidy 3.61 ERA and a very solid 184/68 strikeout to walk ratio. Brett lived up to his workhorse reputation by throwing 200+ innings for the second straight season with no signs of levelling off.

After an injury marred season 14, Walter_Pote bounced back w/ a respectable season in AA. Despite a lossing record (9-11), the surprise 2nd pick of the draft sported a sub 4.00 ERA w/ a solid 1.35 WHIP and a near 3:1 K to BB ratio. An early season trade to the Chicago organization highlighted Pote's resurection season as he aims to get back on track and prove he was not the reach so many scouts proclaimed him to be when his name went off the board, and thus far, Chicago's scouts claim to feel comfortable with his development and will remain patient to reap the full rewards of their trade.

Craig_Winston began the season laying the hammer to High A competition before a mid-season promotion to AA. Once in AA he took his game to another level besting his H-A numbers across the board. In 17 AA starts, Winston went 13-1 w/ a 2.63 ERA, and near 1.00 WHIP. While his K/9 & BB/9 numbers fell off a bit in the move from H-A to AA, he still put together a solid 2-1 K:BB ratio, recording over 8 strikeouts per 9 innings in AA. Scouts continue to rave about his development, which now includes (2) ++ pitches, and (2) above average to + pitches. While many feel he's ready for the show next year, the Bad Logos plan to give him 1 year of seasoning in AAA before a mid-may promotion in season 17.

When their draft spot came up, KC put a blind eye to all the pitching talent that season and pulled Zeke_Evans name out of the hat. With several top level pitchers drafted in season's past, KC had a big need at 2b and planned to let Evans fill that role. Despite a less than aspiring cup of coffee in the bigs, Zeke shined in AAA in season 15. Zeke's gap power started to display the home run power predicted of him when drafted with 32 long balls and 96 rbi. Though some question if Zeke will ever have the contact rate or batting eye to be a true leadoff hitter, once on base, he makes the best of it. His 20 stolen bases in 24 attempts in AAA this season is in line w/ his 82% success rate thus far in his minor league career. W/ exception range and a developing glove, expect to see Zeke turn more than his share of web gems as he looks ready to stick in the majors.

Arizona continues to take it 1 step at a time w/ season 13, 5th overall pick Lyle_Hines and Lyle has rewared them by improving his production at each step (Season 13 in rookie ball, 14 in low A, and 15 in High A). All Lyle did this year was post a 19-4 record in H-A along w/ a 2.39 ERA and 1.09 WHIP. Scouts continue to be pleased w/ this development. Expect Lyle to compete for the AA Cy-young next year, the AAA Cy-Young in season 17 and a spot in the major league all star game in season 18 at this pace.

After a 9 start stretch in AA as a 19 year old to end last season, Boomer_Conroy spent all season in AA and vastly improved his stat lines across the board, while continuing to improve his skill set. In 27 starts, Boomer went 12-7 w/ a 2.76 ERA, 1.22 WHIP and a 3 to 1 K:BB ratio. Consider Boomer ready for AAA along with much of Season 13's pitching class next year and a season 17 major league debut if not a cup of coffee next season.

Chad_Pride continues to throw dominating stuff in short stints as originally predicted by him in his post draft review. Despite averaging just 5.2 innings per his 29 starts, Chad was able to pickup 12 wins to just 8 losses with a 3.31 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, and a sominating 8.6 Ks per 9 innings. In season 14, Chad managed 140 innings in 29 starts, this year he threw 160 innings in 29 starts; if he continues on the same pace, throwing 180 innings in AAA next year, he'll be ready for a 200 inning work load in the majors in season 13. While he may rarely pick up a complete game, his 6-7 innings a night should be filthy.

Despite being the 6th high school arm in season 13's draft, Vic_Pena was the 1st of the top level of starters to reach AAA and almost forced Portland to bring him up for the playoff push late in the year. In 17 AAA starts, Vic threw 100+ innings of 12 win, 4 loss ball. Top that with a miniscul 2.23 ERA and 1.13 Whip as well as a near 3:1 K to BB ratio and its easy to see why some think Pena might have the most stuff in this draft class.

Boots_Gonzales made a mid-season move from Cleveland to San Fran in season 14 and while his slash lines in his repeat peformance in AA leveled off to slightly worsening, Boots still put up numbers that continue to impress. 14-5 overall, w/ a 3.21 ERA and 1.14 WHIP show that Boots is ready for the jump to AAA and should debute in the majors in season 17 like most of his other fellow HS draftees of that season.

Season 13s premier closer Harold_Aspromonte has a season he'd like to forget. After his promotion from H-A to AA, Harold gave up a 1.62 WHIP and .300+ OAV. However, Scouts we've talked to insist that Harold's stuff remains nasty as ever and continues to improve and once he's contending for fireman of the year awards, we'll all forget his season 15 just as quickly as he'd like us to. The future remains bright for the back of Baltimore's bullpen.

Tacoma has taken the same approach with their top draft pick from season 13 Rene_Richardon moving him up 1 level a season w/ great results to back up their development approach. Rene went 13-2 w/ a sub 3.00 era and 1.17 WHIP in High A ball this season. Rene still struggles to recover between starts, but when he's on the mound he's dominating.

Overall, I'd say the cream of season 13's crop took a significant step up in production in season 15 almost across the board. Even going a bit deeper in the draft there we're many others worthy of mentioning and keeping track of. Expect season 17 & 18 to be a bumper crop of young talent enfusion into the majors.



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