Season 13, year of the pitcher, Review #2

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With a full season + under each kid's belt, lets see if we can't nail down these prospects future skill level a little more and take stock of where they as they begin to reach the upper levels of the minors and crack big league rotations.

The initial review can be found here:

Season 13's #1 overall pick, college righty Glenn_Brett is projected to headline Tampa's rotation at the tender age of 24. Despite just a season and a half of minor league conditioning, Glenn has displayed no hints of future major league dissapointment, striking out nearly a batter an inning while compiling 27 wins b/w AA & AAA.

Glenn's initial skill set at the draft looked like this: 82-71-62-77-75-68-72-63-48-24-54
Glenn's final skill projections are: 86-86-80-95-86-79-80-68-64-24-65

So perahaps his pitches won't be individually filthy, but given his exceptional vsR and more than solid vsL, along w/ great velocity and sink, its hard to imagin Glenn will be anything but a true #1. Projected to have 31 durability and 82 health, he should also last deep into games and challenge for the league title in complete games during his prime.

@ #2, Walter_Pote remains a true head scratcher even after the documents on the former Montreal owner began to leak onto the intranets. A near season long trip to the DL last year has left Pote's projections hard to evaluate. To date, he's managed just 80 professional innings in the lower minors, making 14 starts and posting an ERA around the price of a combo meal at your local drive thru.

At the time of the draft, Pote's skill set looked like: 56-66-53-45-34-36-70-65-54-56-38
Today, Pote's skills set looks like this: 65-63-54-46-36-36-71-67-56-57-40

If he can recover from his injury and close to his initial projections, he'll still make a decent back of the rotation inning eater, but there is as much of a chance of that as him becoming a AAAA lifer.



The #3 pick came with a record $11 mil price tage, but to date the results have been worth it. From the start of spring training, all the way thru the low A world series, Craig_Winston managed to avoid lossing a single game. This season, Craig will take his skill set to High A, and eventually AA where the advanced opposition should be more in line w/ his current skill set.

Initial skill set: 57-52-53-55-26-78-79-67-43-39-0
Projected: 72-88-89-91-30-99-95-86-75-76-0

The sole issue w/ Winston is that he may tire attempting to go deep into games, but a projected upper 30s durability should allow him to recovery fully by his next start. Pair him w/ a solid setup man and closer, and Winstong should lead the league in wins more than once.

KC took the lone non pitcher in the top 11, Zeke_Evans, who still looks like a decent prospect, but outside of the focus of this study.

@#5, Arizona took Lyle_Hines who has been on the same time table as Winston to date, and shown similar domination of rookie ball and low A ball. Lyle starts the season out in High A, but looks ready to take off to the upper tier of the minors soon enough.

Initial skill set: 54-69-46-53-67-68-64-65-37-27-0
Projections: 79-94-61-73-82-83-79-80-52-42-0

Not the best of splits, barely acceptable for a middle rotation starter, but more than made up for w/ control, zip and sink on 2 + pitchers, and 2 average pitches. May get roughed up on occasion by deeper lineups, but should be well above average once he reaches the majors and has the ability to eat up a bunch of innings.

@#6, Boston took crafty lefty Boomer_Conroy who starts out this season in AA after a solid 9 start stint in AA at the end of last season. Outside of a rough 14 inning patch in Rookie ball to begin his carrer, Boomer has sported an ERA in the mid 3.00s every other step of the way.

Initial Skill set: 71-54-44-45-29-58-70-62-36-28-0
Projections: 97-79-65-61-34-70-78-73-52-44-0

Seems like a poor man's version of Lyle Hines, solid if not spectacular, Boomer should eat up plenty of innings and hold down a spot at the back side of Boston's rotation. Splits suggest he may struggle a bit as he reaches the majors.

Houston's selection of Chad_Pride w/ the 7th pick, is now Memphis' property to enjoy. Chad has flashed Ace like potential thru the first 2 steps of the minors, and now gets to take his game to High A ball like so many of his fellow high school draftees out of this class.

Initial Skill set: 48-53-46-53-74-66-63-56-38-11-0
Projections: 74-86-76-86-99-80-78-71-60-16-0

Chad lacks the stamina and durability to last deep into many games, but give him the bump for 6 or 7 innings and watch him shine.

While irock has been off training to fight the good fight, Vic_Pena has been progressing to give him a nice smile upon his return later this week. The 8th pick in the draft, Pena will challenge any of these pitches for top prospect, and thru 2 seasons of minor league ball has posted 22 wins to just 3 losses, including a dazzling 12-0 record in High A ball last year.

Initial skill set: (Didn't have enough info at the time of the initial writing, and he wasn't signed until late in his rookie year)
Projections: 87-83-59-78-35-80-84-79-69-32-0

Seems like his early time off last year (fill in coach didn't play him for a good chunk to start last year) may have set him back a bit. I'm thinking my projections are a bit short, otherwise his vsL will sneak up and make him just average rather than special.

With the 9th pick, Cleveland selected Boots_Gonzalez but has since traded him to San Fran. At the time of the draft, I said Boots was the definition of average, by which he'll do nothing to blow you away, but nothing that can be considerred a weakness and will be one of the kids that just puts up results year after year w/o the fan fair of some of his other draftees.

Initial skill set: 55-55-41-46-72-60-70-53-28-22
Projections: 70-87-61-66-91-69-82-63-43-37-0

less than ideal splits, but great zip and control w/ 1+ pitch. Solid, but not spectacular.

W/ the 10th pick, the first reliever was taken: Harold_Aspromonte Harold has lived up to the billing to date, successfully closing out 25 of his 30 save opportunities. His health remains a concern, but he's managed to stay away from the training table thus far.

I'll end the review there for now. There are several other solid pitchers highlighted in this draft in the previous review, but I mostly wanted to use this section to test my projection theory found in the forums and how it will hold up over time.







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