Plumpy Rules!!!!!!!111 Minimum Win Requirement rules are as follows:
  1. No team may win less than 55 games in a given season.
  2. No team may win less than 120 games over two consecutive seasons.
  3. No team may win less than 185 games over three consecutive seasons.
  4. No team may win less than 260 games over four consecutive seasons.
First year HBD players are not subjected to the MWR. Teams failing to meet these win requirements are subject to expulsion from the league.

All other Whatifsports Fair Play Guidelines will be upheld as well.

The following is a list of Franchises needing to win greater than 55 regular season games. If you feel your MWR has been incorrectly calculated, please TC Commissioner Pajammies.
Tampa Bay: 72
Pittsburgh: 62
Kansas City: 60
Pawtucket: 58