San Juan Elephant Seals vs. Montgomery Burns: Season 28 World Series Preview

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For months, 32 teams have battled it out for the right to be called the champ.  After three grueling rounds of play-offs, the Burns of Montgomery and the Elephant Seals of San Juan have won the pennant, and are set to square off in the best of seven show down known only as the World Series.  For Burns, this marks a long awaited return to glory.  After making the play-offs 14 out of 16 seasons and winning two World Championships, Monty underwent a long period of rebuilding centered around uber star, Roger Conroy.  Now in it's fourth consecutive play off appearance, Alabama's finest look to take home Plumpy gold for a third time.  In San Juan, the eight time was finally the charm, as the E-Seals finally got over the LCS hump and are in the World Series for the first time in 27 seasons.  Both squads feature potent offenses and homer friendly home ballparks, so the pitchers will have their work cut out for them come first pitch at 11:07am (EST) Wednesday morning.  Let's see how these two squads measure up head to head.


San Juan Elephant Seals (vs. RHP, no DH)

1.)  Einar Rivera-CF .319/.392/427
2.)  James Rooney-LF .319/.413/.639
3.)  Bret Moore-RF  .283/.377/.579
4.)  Giomar Estrada-1B  .324/.427/.568
5.)  Fred Piper-2B  .233/.310/.447
6.)  Anibal Franco-3B  .253/.328/.418
7.)  Bo Cerda-C   .253/.303/.449
8.)  William Park-SS  .248/.273/.515

Keep your on Pedro Flores.  Manager bcpbcp7 did not start him against RHP in interleague play, but his bat may be too strong to keep out of the lineup in the World Series.

Montgomery Burns (vs. RHP, no DH)

1.)  Roger Conroy-LF .311/.409/.613
2.)  Giomar Bonilla-SS .288/.341/.508
3.)  Esteban Diaz-1B  .304/.360/.528
4.)  Ricardo Bravo-RF  .331/.378/.547
5.)  Dock Mercedes-3B  .339/.396/.534
6.)  Jack Hammonds-C  .316/.386/.428
7.)  Victor Padilla-2B  .295/.360/.541
8.)  Tito Baldwin-CF  .262/.329/.427

As you can see, these are two offensive powerhouses.  Let's look at the SP rotations.

San Juan Pitching Rotation  (ERA/WHIP/K:BB)

1.)  Rondell Wise  .365/1.26/119:48
2.)  Miguel Gonzalez  3.73/1.22/162:66
3.)  Lloyd Brock  4.67/1.39/116:61

At this point it appears San Juan will be going with a three man rotation, though Alex Romo would likely get the nod if they choose to use four starting pitchers.

Montgomery Burns Pitching Rotation

1.)  Ezdra Nunez  3.34/1.28/147:52
2.)  Shelley Olson  3.10/1.21/176:66
3.)  Ismael Park  4.30/1.41/158:55

It also appears Burns will be running a three man rotation, though Pasqual Perez would likely get the call should an extra arm be needed for a start.

These teams are very evenly matched.   Burns has the slight edge on offense, while the E-Seals have the slight edge of pitching.  In the end, I expect the veteran bat of James Rooney to come through for San Juan, giving the Elephant Seal their first championship in franchise history

Elephant Seals in 7.



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