Know Your Plumpy History: Plumpy!!!!!!!111

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Many years ago, a league was born.  That league would go on to become perhaps the most active, enthusiastic, and fun league in the world of HBD.  A league destined for such greatness needed an equally great name:  Plumpyrules!!!!!!!!111 was born.  As we embark on Season 33, Plumpy himself has rejoined this fine world.  Today, we sit down with the namesake of the league, and get to know the man behind the pixels.

1.)  What do you do in real life?

I am a Postal Clerk for the United States Post Office. Basically I sell stamps, help the elderly, talk sports to the guys and ogle the women all day. (and now with my cell I'll be able to follow our league all day!)

2.)  How did you learn about HBD?

Waaay back in 2002 I saw an ad for HBD. I started a team and then Hoops Dynasty was just starting. I played alot of HD but I still love HBD!

3.)  How does it feel to have the best league in HBD named after you?

I am honored!! Really! Through out the years I'd goto your blog and see what's up. And to see how quickly this season filled is a testament to this leagues greatness!

4.)  What was your reaction when you found out the league would be named after you?

Honored and proud. As a matter of fact...some of my friends, who have never played WIS, read your blog. lol

5.)  Is there a back story to the “!!!!!!!111” part of the league name?

Well I was stressing a point to a coach who did not believe me. To make my point even more pronounced I added many exclamation points and accidentally threw some ones in the end. It caught on. lol

6.)  Which player on your team are you most excited about owning?

Arthur Hogan...LF...22...AA...I love the name and I am interested how he will do.

7.) & 8.) (will be answered at a later date).

9.)  Do you have a nemesis in the league (either another owner or a particular player?)

None yet but I'm pretty competitive so I'm sure one will pop up. I'm not afraid to speak up in the forums or chat. So it should be fun.

10.)  What are your goals for the Portland Porks in your first season back in the league?

To win atleast 60 games! lol Also to have fun and possibly make new friends!!!!!!!!111

Zachary Eustis


Commissioner of the fakest fake baseball league on the planet: Plumpy Rules!!!!111