S47 Hall of Fame Candidates

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A while back, I discovered Bill James’ Hall of Fame Monitor metric and also discovered at the same time that all of the math involved is fairly straightforward. The hard part about the HOF Monitor is the amount of data needed and therefore keeping track of a player’s score….luckily for us, there are computer programs designed to do exactly that! Well, kinda anyway. There are spreadsheet programs, which you can then set up to track things like the HOF-worthiness of computer generated baseball players, so that’s what I did.
Since setting up said spreadsheet, I have used it to guide my HOF ballot each season and for a number of other blog posts as well. These efforts haven’t yielded as many elections as I would have hoped in other worlds, but I do still feel that they provide a fair assessment of a player’s career overall. That being said, there are a number of categories that I would have liked to have seen included in the HOFM Score that weren’t. My solution to this problem was to add those categories into the spreadsheet and calculate what I refer to as the “unofficial HOF Monitor Score” for each player.
My hope is that here in Plumpy, with a highly active group of owners, we can use this data and level of participation to clear a backlog of deserving candidates for the virtual Hall of Fame. As I mentioned before, it takes a bit to calculate each player’s HOFM Score so I have started with just the players that have come up so far in World Chat as possibly being worthy of a vote this season (plus a few others) and broken them down into categories with fun names based on the overview of the metric provided on BaseballReference.com. Without further ado, here is a look at the S47 Hall candidates through the eyes of Bill James:

***NOTE: The scores listed below are the "official" HOF Monitor Scores, but they appear in order of the "unofficial" scores, so if they're slightly out of numerical order that's why.

***NOTE #2: I will try to keep this list updated to include everyone who comes up on World Chat, but if I have already missed someone or do so in the future please let me know and I'll add them ASAP. Here's to a large S47 Class!

 The “I Should Have Been In Years Ago” Club (130+ HOFM points)
  • Julio Rijo-SP, 399 points
  • Lariel Cubillan-3B, 254.5 points
  • Jason Bigbie-RF, 186 points
  • Felipe Lopez-DH, 171.5 points
  • Desi Pena-RF, 141.5 points
 The “I’ll Get In Eventually” Club (100-129 HOFM points)
  • Nigel Yount, 105 points
             The “I Might Get In” Club (70-99 points)
  • Ed Smith-RF, 75 points
 The “Praying For A Miracle” Club (40-69 HOFM points)
  • Ugueth Padilla, 61.5 points
  The “Field of {Pipe} Dreams” Club (39 and below)
  • Placido Gutierrez, 21 points



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