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In today's edition of the Hot Stove we are going to attempt to sort through the rumors to find out whats fact and whats fiction.

I recently was lucky enough to sit and chat with the owner of the Toronto Grizzlies. Boy the things I found out he informed me that perennial All-Star CF Rondell Gardner was available for the right price. Adding "We are very happy with how he has played for us... but this season is about creating cap space to make moves to better the team for the future." rydart also said that seldom used Tony Castillo was also available. But that 1st round draft pick Norman Boyd was not going anywhere contrary to popular belief.

Scandal hits St. Louis as a report was leaked that star LF Ed Walker was caught in bed with the Bench Coach's daughter. Owner etpnole was quoted as saying "Whether by trading him now or releasing him at the end of the season his days here are number." Walker has a good glove and hits Lefty's well. But his poor hitting against Righties could hurt his stock a little.

Rumors have been flying that the Running Rails are shopping Benny Rodriguez and Mark Sanders.... Well unfortunately that's just not true. Rails released a statement saying No way in hell are we talking to any teams about those players. The Tampa Bay Pirates are shopping all of their pitchers as well as proven 2B Vicente Lee. The Expositions put defensive stud/offensive liability Jerry Duncan on the block. Rip Simmons is also available and could help any contending club.

There are more rumors to sort through but we'll leave those for another day. I'll leave you with a quote "Good pitching will beat good hitting any time, and vice versa"



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