Plumpy Rules!!!111 Mascot Madness

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Welcome folks to the first annual Plumpy Rules!!!111 Mascot Madness.

What is Mascot Madness?

Mascot Madness is where we take all of our teams mascots and put them into a bracket. Then we let them theoretically fight it out until there is only one mascot remaining.

Bracket 1, Round 1 Matchups

Montreal Expositions vs Jacksonville Alcoholics

Toronto Grizzlies vs Louisville Brown Bears

Minnesota Runnin' Rails vs Chicago Fatties

Chicago Cubs vs Tacoma Chicken Dance

St. Louis Crazy Horses vs Salt Lake City The Salt

Tampa Bay Pirates vs Hartford Submarines

Richmond Tyrants vs Montgomery Burns

Atlanta Shockers vs Washington Monuments

Bracket 2, Round 1 Matchups

Columbus Beer Lovers vs Arizona Fighting Armadillos

Oakland Hammers vs San Francisco Steroid Sluggers

Vancouver Mounties vs Trenton Titans

Monterrey Jacks vs Omaha Settlers

Norfolk Needlefish vs Philadelphia Regulators

Indianapolis Freeze vs Honolulu Kahuna

Kansas City Monarchs vs Pittsburgh Wannabees

San Juan Elephant Seals vs Portland Killer Whales

Check back tomorrow for the results!



Commissioner of the fakest fake baseball league on the planet: Plumpy Rules!!!!111