Season 13, year of the pitcher Review #1

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W/ a fresh batch of draft prospects released to Plumpyville today, its time to take a quick look book at last season's stellar class and see how they're coming along one year later. Most of this kids are still several seasons away from the show, but most are begining to show why they were so thought of so highly heading into last season's draft.

Glen_Brett last season's #1 pick was thought to be MLB ready upon signing his contract, however Tampa Bay has decided to take things just a little slower than, making sure Glen received proper polishing before hitting the show. Glen started 16 games last season in AA before moving up to AAA this season. He's struggled a bit with his consitancy verse the tougher AAA hitters, however its appearances like his 8 inning, 12 strikeout performance over the AAA alcholics that keeps scouts drooling.

For his career: 14-6, 174 innings, 60Ks, 15 BBs, 1.19 WHIP, 3.67 ERA

Walter_Pote The Montreal franchise was shamed into a change in ownership after the rumors of Pote's scandelous pictures of previous owner Bulls7210 began to surface. It was those very pictures that lead to the overdraft of Pote with the 2nd pick. However, all was to be forgiven if Pote could prove to be anything more than AAAA fodder. There were also rumors of Walter's continued neck stiffness coming out of spring training, bringing back the amatuer draft scout's question marks on Pote's long term healthyness. Those fears reared their ugly head early this season as Pote's season 2 has been ravished by a herniated disk in his neck and will keep on the sidelines until next spring training. Walter split time b/w rookie ball and Low A last year, with 7 games in High A this season before the injury.

Thru limited time: 2-5, 3 SVs, 80 Innings, 68 Ks, 27 BBs, 1.72 WHIP, 4.50 ERA

Craig_Winston After holding out for a record $11.4 Mil signing bonus, Winston finally got around to showing his wares for the Shockers. Coming out of high school, many scouts insisted that Winston had the biggest upside in the draft, however his contract demands scared off many potential bidders. Atlanta took a gamble and was able to bring Winston into the fold. Winston spent a brief stint in Rookie ball, before ending last year in low A. He returned to Low A this season, with an expected mid-season call up to High A in the near future. So far, this bonus baby has lived up the billing, and looks to head the Atltanta rotation in a few more seasons.

23 Starts, 13-2, 118 Innings, 110 Ks, 34 BBs, 1.06 WHIP, 2.59 ERA

Lyle_Hines Another top flight HS phenom, Arizona selected Hines with the 5th pick overall. Durability, and conistancy are the keys to Hines success, however he lacks the top end durability one would like to see out of an ace, as well as a strong 3rd pitch. Lyle made a stellar debut in rookie ball last season, and though he's been touched up a bit by the more advanced Low A hitters this season, his slash lines all look solid.

23 starts, 11-3, 115 innings, 113 Ks/28 BBs, 1.34 WHIP, 3.37 ERA

Boomer_Conoroy The top HS lefty in last season's class, Boomer is on the fast track, having skipped over High A ball and started in AA in just his age 19 season. Boomer has everything you'd like in a pitching prospect, great stamina, solid control, a dominate fastball with solid complimentary pitches, and limited questions of health. After getting beat up in a brief stint in rookie ball last year, Conroy has improved his stat line at every level. At this rate, he may make an appearance in the show as early as next season.

23 games, 22 starts, 6-9, 108.2 innings, 101Ks/47 BBs, 1.56 WHIP, 4.22 ERA

Chad_Pride The 2nd Kansas pitcher taken in this draft, Pride is a flame throwing righty with superior control, 2 great pitches an average 3rd pitch and the occasional cutter that needs development. His only drawback is his limited stamina; Chad tends to tire out before getting out of the 6th. However what he doesn't provide in innings, he more than makes up for in quality. Chad was recently promoted to High A where thru 2 starts, he's thrown 9 shutout innings, while giving up just 7 hits.

22 Starts, 3-3, 93 innings, 96 Ks/20 BBs, 1.02 WHIP, 1.74 ERA

Vic_Pena Vic was a highly sought after righty from the Pittsburgh area who began to develop a social anxiety disorder and kept him away from the mound for the first part of the season. However, Vic has seemingly overcome his demons, and is back to terrorizing oppossing hitters on the Low A mound. Vic had the best combination of pitches, control, and stamina of last season's batch of HS pitchers, however his lower durability and struggle vs lefties helped him slid down the draft board a bit. None the less, with oppimum time b/w starts, Vic should frontline Portland's rotation in short order.

19 Starts, 10-2, 104.1 innings, 101 Ks/30 BBs, 1.25 WHIP, 2.76 ERA

Boots_Gonzales Boots is another HS right hander, this time out of California. Boots should eat up a ton of innings, while sliding nicely into the middle of Cleveland's future rotation in a few years. What Boots lacks in dominate skills, he makes up for with no glaring weaknesses. Just one of those guys that every team wished they had as their #2 or #3. After an up & down start in Low A last year, Gonzales has followed up his stellar spring with glowing reviews in AA ball this season.

22 Starts, 5-4, 101.0 innings, 97 Ks/35 BBs, 1.35 WHIP, 4.46 ERA

Harold_Aspromarte The top closer in last year's draft, and only reliever amongst the top 10 draft pitchers, Harold is absolutely filthy when on the mound. Questions still linger about his long term health, given his violent delivery, but to date, Harold has shown no wear while mowing down oppossing batters.

38 games, 2-3, 21/28 saves, 53 Ks/7 BBs, 0.93 WHIP, 2.40 ERA

Rene_Richardson The last of the super 10 pitchers, Rene is another HS righty w/ superior control and solid stuff. While many scouts project Rene to be a starter in the majors, Rene has begun his career almost exclusively out of the pen.

38 Games, 8-3, 6/7 saves, 71 Ks/18 BBS, 1.41 WHIP, 4.38 ERA



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