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News out of Jacksonville that Antonio Whang and Jaime Rogers are going to be let go is not surprising.

Coming off a 3 year deal, the 32 year old Whang will be an intriguing option for those looking for corner outfield help. Whang, a lifetime .289 hitter with 329 home runs, could provide a spark for some offense in the league.

After peaking with a 40 homerun campaign in season 11, Rogers decline was already evident until he suffered a ligament strain in his foot toward the end of the season. He should still garner interest from some American League team as a DH, as his potential to return to form is pretty good.

In a move forced by the play of Zues Thurman, Rolando Guerrero is now being actively shopped during the offseason. Guerrero’s appeal is simple as he is a power bat who can more than field his position. Furthermore, Guerrero is entering the last two years of his deal as he is due a shade under 16.5 million over the next two years (8.7 this season, 7.7 in the final year).


As Montgomery management has indicated in this and other venues, they are willing to trade one of the following minor leaguers (Chris Sinclair, Tike Burks, and Richie Washington) for ML help at SS and/or CF. Sinclair was once one of the bright spots from Philly, Burks was the crown jewel of the Portland system at one time, and Washington turned some heads in Montgomery’s rookie ball team last season.

Power hitter Francisco Alvarez will be a free agent and will likely garner some interest. The 33 year old last signed a deal that was in the range of 6 million annually. Alvarez is beginning to show signs of decline but is a very good hitter. He is a type B free agent.


Jalal Priest, second all time in saves, is going to test the FA market. Often inquired about Cody Young may become available if the right offer is made, as the Mounties try to make room for some of their younger arms in their rotation and bullpen.


The Deivis, Deivi Flores and Deivi Sanchez, are potentially available...potentially not (depends on the price and who within the Tacoma front office you talk to). Tacoma is also willing to move one of the following: Red Miller (327k obligation, not the $3mil that appears), Victor Donovan , or Ivan Rivas. Desi Nunez informed the team that he hates Tacoma's weather, but Tacoma might explore trade and sign possibilities. Word is they expect type B level compensation for him.

Among pitchers, solid reliever Roberto Parra (sub 3.00 ERA 3 years in a row) is available.

For everyone, looking for prospects of all types. Somewhat looking for a legit CF prospect 1st and SP 2nd, but open to all.


Dennis Barkley informed the team he was going to test the market. The 32 year old second baseman hit .294, hit 22 home runs, stole 27 bases and scored 96 runs. Trenton wants to bring Barkley back and move him to the outfield, but it is unknown how much they will spend to keep him. Trenton is known to be keen on letting Bruce Mercedes be the everyday second baseman, but he has tough shoes to fill taking over for Barkley.

Entering the final year of a monster contract, Carlos Rivera is on the block. Trenton is willing to pay a significant portion of the contract, but they are rumored to be looking for starting pitching prospects in return. If Rivera moves at all, it will likely be mid-way through the season and for a lot less than the ideal package.

Rafael Baerga, fed up with being at AA “too long,” has forced the franchise’s hand. He demanded to be traded, and Trenton has sent out signals they might honor his request. They are thought to be looking for a pitching prospect commensurate with Baerga’s skill level.

With a few young bullpen arms on the horizon, word is out of Trenton that a year after demoting Lonny Aguilar to the set up role, he will indeed enter free agency without an offer from the Titans. Aguilar has 283 lifetime saves, and was locked into a 5 year 25 million dollar deal last time he was a free agent. He should expect to get at least the same sort of deal annually, the question will be over how many years.

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