American League Rumors

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Atlanta Shockers

There are serious doubts around the league that any deal will get done involving Zapata, Koloff, or Morales. Zapata only registered 11 home runs coupled with a .258 average (Zapata’s career average is .286), but is moving into the last year of a contract which will see Zapata earn 5.8 million. If Atlanta wants to move him, it remains to be seen whether Atlanta will continue to cut his checks even if he plays elsewhere. Morales may be even harder to move. Although cheap, Morales registered 16 homers last year on the heels of a season in which he only registered 18. He did improve his average, but the RBI count, among other categories is way down. Koloff’s move to Atlanta from Saint Louis didn’t go so well. Koloff’s home runs, rbi, average, and ops all plunged at a time where he’ll be entering his second time around in arbitration.

Jose Lee is a prime candidate for a bounce back year. With little protection in the Atlanta lineup, he struggled to get 16 home runs last year. In some scouting circles, there is high interest for a young first baseman like Lee…for the right price.

Andres James could garner a lot of attention. James has largely played second in Atlanta, but opposing General Managers can’t help but wonder if there is untapped potential in Center Field from the 25 year old. James is also appealing because he signed to a contract which sees the yearly commitment decrease over the length of the contract. Furthermore, when the current contract expires, James will be 27 years old. How many teams are able to lock up a young centerfield talent for almost the entire length of his prime years?

Looking for a guy who has averaged 31 starts per year? James Rollin might be your guy. The 32 year old righty is 91-75 and due 5.4 million this season and next. If he moves, look for him to be a great back end of the rotation starter on a contender.Kris Post is available. He will likely remain available.

Boston Stranglers

Coach Albert DeSalvo was very disappointed at the way the season ended. "We were leading the battle for the Wildcard spot and completely fell apart. We went 2-8 in our last 10 games, we lost our last 6 games. I questioned everyone on this team's manhood, they played worse than a bunch of Nancy-Boys." 81-81 is not how we wanted to finish.

General Manager Bill Buckner had this to say. "Overall we will be keeping a majority of the Nancy-Boys and try to make men out of them. Hall of Famer Shayne Judd is a free agent and will not be back with the team next season. We need pitching and better defense. Oswaldo Escobar & Ricardo Gonzalez were good pickups for us.We also traded for Felipe Crespo late in the season, he did not perform as we anticipated, but we are sure he will pitch much better next season. Pitching Coach Bill Lee stated, "We found out Crispy was going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast & lunch, apparently there are no donuts in Cleveland, he just went nuts. He has dropped 15 lbs. since we changed his diet, his pitches have more "pop" and his change up is devastating.

"We are a playoff caliber team and hope to BE a playoff team next season. The AL East is the toughest division in the AL, making the playoffs will not be easy, it is our top priority, stated GM Buckner. "Just about everyone on this team can and will be traded if it improves our club."
Omaha SettlersThe Settlers, resigned to the fact that their second base by committee wasn’t going to work well will let Darrell Joseph, Brandon Glass, Orel Rivers, and Jim Ventura go. Joseph leads the class departing from Omaha as the lefty hit .285 with 19 home runs going into a contract year.Omaha is looking to be an active player in the trade market this offseason looking for a starting catcher and middle relief help. The rumors that RF Donn Neal of 2B/OF prospect Juan Sosa are available appear to be true.

Norfolk Needlefish

The Needlefish were waffling on whether to sign Ralph Lewis to a long-term extension, but ultimately decided on allowing Lewis to file for free agency without much of an offer.

Surprisingly, Norfolk may be dangling some top prospects in an effort to make a preseason deal to bring in a top catcher. After the post season collapse of the bullpen, relief may be a priority for the Needlefish.

Saint Louis Slumpbusters

There wasn’t much time to talk with new GM davecallahan, in between phone calls we got confirmation that they are in win now mode. Give him a call…er…trade chat if you think you got a deal for him.

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