Awarding the awards...

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Favorite: Rolando_DeJesus The man of Jesus was tabbed by the computer as the frontrunner for AL MVP and really what's not to like 100 runs, 128 rbi, 50 homers for the playoff bound Kahunas.

My Pick: Marino_Astacio not only approached DeJesus' homer and rbi total by hammering out 46 homers and driving in 124 rbis himself, but Marino crossed home plate 20 more times in 15 less games while racking up 33 thefts on the basepaths. Astacio was the driving force behind Norfolk's 104 wins and 2nd seed in the playoffs.


Favorite: Jeff_Hackman posted an eye popping 1.156 OPS while leading Chicago to their 4th straight East Division title. Jeff's steady approach lead to a .355 batting average w/ 45 homers and 124 rbi.

My Pick: Todd_Ford Seriously, what's not to love about 71 homers and 171 rbi? Perhaps the computer has just grown tired of putting the 5 time MVP's name at the top of the list. Will the voters give the man his due?

AL Cy Young:

Favorite: Einer_Pena If the 21 wins and 2.35 ERA are not enough to convince you, perhaps the sub 1.00 WHIP will tell you why Pena is set to win this award for the 4th straight season

My Pick: There really isn't a close 2nd to the season Pena put up for the AL's #1 seed. Just 3 more seasons before Pena strickes a max deal in free agency. Here's to counting your pennies until then.

NL Cy Young:

Favorite: Sandy_Menskie Sandy put up his best season since his season 10 Cy Young season posting 18 wins with a sub 3.00 ERA

My Pick: There were several canidates just a shade behind Sandy, but none that quite dominated on the mound to the same effect. Sandy is my pick.



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