AL predictions revisited

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Here is the predictions (pro-rated for 90 games) vs. reality for the AL teams I made predictions for in August. The upside: I had the right division leader in each division. while

Biggest surprise? Honolulu--Honolulu is a full ten games better than I predicted, is 20 games over 500, and currently has a sizable lead in the wild card race, while giving Oakland a reason to watch their rearview mirror.

Biggest disappointment? Chicago--The fatties made the playoffs last season, but are 4 games under 500 as we approach the all star break and are currently last in their division.

Biggest variance? Minnesota--The twin city squad has not been the team I thought they'd be (though they tend to turn it on the 2nd half, and are still up four games in their division). They are a full 13 games under where I thought they'd be through 90 games.

Here are the standings, with predictions followed by actual records:

Minnesota 62-38 49-41

NY 40-50 45-45

Portland 37-53 35-55

Montreal 34-56 33-57

Norfolk 61-29 55-35

Chicago 50-40 43-47

DC 47-43 47-43

Boston 45-45 48-42

Monterrey 50-40 49-41

Texas 41-49 38-52

San Juan 40-50 41-49

Atlanta 32-48 36-54

Oakland 56-34 59-31

Honolulu 45-45 55-35

Omaha 43-47 41-49

Arizona 35-55 41-49


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