Season 13, year of the pitcher

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If 1983 is the year of greatest NFL quarteback draft class, season 13 might just go down as the year of the greatest influx of pitching talent brought in thru the amatuer draft. In a world where a pitcher has been drafted 1st or 2nd overall in every season except 1, and where a pitcher has been drafted #1 overall over half the time, never has such an influx of pitching talent embarked on their Plumpyville!!!!!111 career as we've witnessed in the season 13 amatuer draft.

10 of the first 11 selections in the most recent draft were pitching prospects, not to mention a few more solid talents drafted just a shade later. In fact, with so much premium pitching talent drafted early on, one has to question the mental state of urbanwarrior, passing up all this talent with the #4 pick to take the only non pitcher at the top of the draft. Sure Zeke_Evans is a fine prospect in his own right, perhaps a regular all-star 2nd baseman, if not hall of famer, but will the esteemed Mr Urban Warrior be kicking himself in 3 seasons when he's looking to add 1 more piece to his starting rotation? Only time will tell.

So without further ado, we'll use this space to evaluate, track, adulate, and mock each of the first 10 pitchers over their careers in plumpville. Should any have their arms fall off while attempting a tribal warrior dance, thier owner will be suredly mocked, while if any should sign a Todd Ford, well below market value extension before testing the free agent waters contract, their owners will be strung from the festivus pole by their skivies and forced to beg for mercy.

With the #1 overall selection, Tampa Bay picked Glen_Brett a dominating righty on the fast track to the majors. Brett earned top draft pick status by displaying pinpoint control of his mid 90's sinker and 4 seam fastball, plus a major league level slider and curve, with the potential to turn them into + pitches on the major league level. Glen has started his career in AA with an initial pitching skill set of 82-71-62-77-75-68-72-63-48-24-54

Verdict: time to purchase that investment property on clearwater beach, with his combination of makeup and patience, Brett could be headlining the Tampa rotation into his late 30s or even early 40s.

Using the internet to gain access of Montreal's owner in comprimsing positions, Texas high school phenom Walter_Pote was able to strong arm his way from the bottom of the 1st round up into the #2 slot. Montreal owner bulls7210 claims this selection was based primarly on signability, rumors have already circulated about that night in South Padre Island. Pote projects as the classic "crafy lefthander" for while he has below average stuff, he has a vast arsenal of above average pitches to keep opponents off balance. While Pote's ceiling isn't quite as high as the other top pitchers, his combination of near perfect makeup and patience means he'll settle into Montreal rotation as a solid #3 or #4 pitcher and remain there for a long time. In a perfect world, this Jamie Moyer clone will continue to throw league average innings well into his 40's. While he's only 18, Pote high makeup have caught the eye of the daughter of the head basketball coach with an over-inflated ego at one particular haughty-taughty university in the mid west.

Verdict: Pote takes his initial skill set of 56-66-53-45-34-36-70-65-54-56-38 to rookie ball where he's still working out the kinks. While Montreal missed out on some of the top end talent, should Pote avoid arm injuries he'll be a solid fixture in the Montreal rotation for a good 15 seasons.

With the #3 pick, the Bad Logos selected Scott Boras client Craig_Winston arguable the top high school arm in the draft, concerns of his prima donna attitude were well founded when reports of his record $11+ millon signing bonus first surfaced. While never a threat to break a window with his fastball, Winston uses an overwhelming combination of sinkers, sliders and curves with near perfect control and great health. He'll never be a threat to lead the league in strikeouts, but with a solid defense behind him should project to something greater than Bronson Arroyo, dipsy-dooling his way thru the lineup, keeping opponents off balance from both sides of the plate while hopefully never missing a scheduled start due to injury.

Verdict: While the price tag is high, the projections certainly look to be worth the price tag. Winston will need about 4 seasons of grooming in the minors, but should be ready to dominate plumpyville in his early 20s. His starting skill set is: 57-52-53-55-26-78-79-67-43-39-0

At #5, Arizona selected Lyle_Hines another great pitching prospect with outstanding makeup and patience potentiall making him a fixuture on the Chase Field bump for 15+ seasons. Hines is a true "pitcher's pitcher" when he takes the mound, going all out with termendous velocity on two ++ pitches, an above average slider, and a workable changeup. While Lyle has a perfect history of health, he leaves nothing out on the mound, often tiring by the 7th inning and turning things over to the bull pen. Lyle has started his rookie league campaign in near perfect style sporting a skill set of: 54-69-46-53-67-68-64-65-37-27-0

Verdict: A great selection for Arizona, Lyle should dominate the first 7 innings each time out and could be a fixture in their rotation from age 22 thru his late 30s.

At #6, Boomer_Conroy was the 5th pitcher was selected by Boston skipper bobsquad. This highschool superstar out of Jersey is the son of former Maryland ace Mr Conroy, and was named after his father's one time college roommate. Another crafty lefty, Boomer uses pinpoint control with an array of 4 average to plus pitches to burn thru the competition. He has great sink on his fastball, and has the ability to take his team deep into games. Boomer's initial skill set at the time of draft was: 71-54-44-45-29-58-70-62-36-28-0

Verdict: While Boomer should be a solid contributer in the majors for a long time, bobsquad's lower HS and college scouting buget likely caused him to miss out on several higher end arms draft a few slots behind Boomer. Boomer should settle into a solid #2/#3 that can save the bullpen some innings by regularly going deep into games.

With the 7th selection, Texas takes the pride of Pittsburgh (Kansas that is) Chad_Pride While Pride lacks the ideal stamina of a true #1, his stuff screams rotation ace. Pride commands both sides of the plate with a screaming sinker, often topping out in triple digits, a plus slider and a devestating changeup. Chad also sports the occasional cut fastball, though rumors are the Texas coaching staff is trying to get Chad to ditch the 4th pitch and concentrate on his 3 main weapons. Chad initial pitching set is: 48-53-46-53-74-66-63-56-38-11-0

Verdict: Chad may have the most dominating stuff in the draft, however his lower stamina and low level of patience means he'll be hitting the free agent market well before his career is over. Texas went above slot bring Chad into the fold, but he'll no doubt be a solid centerpiece as zhawks rebuilds his new franchise

At #8, Portland adds high school sensation Vic_Pena out of Ft Washington, Pa. Pena's lower makeup and patience helped him slide to Portland at #8, but you won't find coach IRock complaining any time soon. Pena is a dominating righty, sporting a ++ spliter and slider combo along with a + curveball and below average changeup. Drafted into a club with a pitcher extreme park, Pena's sink should more than makeup for his lack of velocity. If Portland can put a solid defense behind him, he should challenge for 10 complete games a season.

Verdict: Another solid HS arm that's tough to knock. Perhaps the ideal draft pick for Portland's park, should reach the majors in 4-5 seasons and would be the #1 in most rotations.

With the 9th overall selection, pitcher #8 comes off the board to Cleveland. jjboogie drafts high school righty Boots_Gonzalez out of Cali. Boots perhaps defines the term major league average more than any other pitcher in the top 10. Aside from his great control and + changeup, Boots displays an ideal average stamina, splits, sink and stuff on his pitches. However, this is a good thing, as Boots also contains no weaknesses in his game either. With great patience and above average makeup, Boots should prove a solid #2 pitcher for Cleveland for a long time.

Verdict: With initial draft skills of 55-55-41-46-72-60-70-53-28-22, Boots likely won't be the guy you think of when facing a must win game 7, however, he's the guy you'll want on the mound in games 2 & 6 to give you a great shot at winning a postseason series. A great pick at #9, would have gone higher in most drafts.

At 10, Harold_Aspromonte was selected by New Jersey. I'm not sure I know what a Harry Aspromonte looks like, but I know this kid has the distinction of being both the first Juco and the first reliever selected in season 13. A dominating right hander with questionable health, Harry shuts down right handers w/ a mix of a devestating changeup and knee buckling slider. If Harry can spend more time on the bump than on the training table, he'll be a strong commoditiy for the Generals.

Verdict: If some consider it a sin to draft a reliever in the top 10, what would they consider a guy w/ big time health concerns? With solid stamina for a closer, and great durability, perhaps New Jersey can keep him from getting over-extended and thus keep him out of the infimary. His level of success will be largely determined by how much time he spends off the disablied list, because his skill set screams all-star closer. At the time of the draft, Harold's pitching skill set is: 26-64-55-68-80-74-78-65-0-0-0

Finally, with the 11th pick and 10th pitcher overall, Tacoma selects Rene_Richardson Similar to Boots Gonzalez, drafted ahead of him, Rene features mostly average stuff w/ great control and better stamina. However, Rene sports less than ideal durability, meaning he may need to slide into a 6 man rotation or limit his innings each start. He may struggle a bit verse lefties, but w/ super high makeup ratings, he's likely to reach most of his projections if given enough time to develop. Rene's initial skill line is: 66-58-37-45-75-63-56-52-28-37-0

Verdict: As mentioned before in the Boots review, Rene shouldn't hurt you on the mound, may even make the occasional all-star game, especially in Tacoma's pitcher friendly park, however he's not the guy you want to call upon in a must win game. Should settle into a solid middle of the rotation starter, may need to skip a start or two to ensure that he keeps fresh.

Others 1st round picks worth watching:
Jeff_Ausmus 14th overall; could have easily made the top 10 if he had just slightly better stuff
Denny_Yoshi 17 th overall; should fill in the middle of Washington's rotation in a few seasons.
Lucas_Peterson 20th pick, and Texas' 2nd pitcher this draft; Should fill in nicely behind Chad Pride, however like Pride he lacks ideal stamina, so zhawks better be on a long reliever hunt.
Esmalyin_Alveraz 27th overall, may be the best closer in the draft, but probably won't sign.
Wayne_Callaway 32 overall, dominat left handed closer, who may struggle a bit vs righties.

Since its probably a bit to early to do a true ranking of these kids until they get a minor league season or two under their belts, I'll summon my inner Smokey Robinson and provide a "Tiers of a Clown":
Polish up the bronze plaque, Cooperstown is calling:
Glen Brett
Craig Winston
Lyle Hines

Mario Soto: Gonna dominate for a period of time, but will be forgotten when hall of fame eligibility comes up:
Chad Pride
Vic Pena

No fluff, just stuff, mr reliable:
Boots Gonzalez
Rene (don't call me Russo) Richardson

Just give me a shot, to hell with the Doc:
Harold Aspertame

Not terrible, but leave something to be desired:
Walter Pote
Boomer Conroy

Please vote in the new poll, and we'll keep track, hopefully taking an annual vote thru their first several seasons in the majors as we track how these kids develop.



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