Plumpy Rules 1st Rd Draft Recap!!!!!111 Part 1

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1. Tampa Bay Pirates - Glen Brett - SP
The best pitcher available, Glen Brett, could pitch now in on majority of ML staffs. His approach is top notch with plenty of upside and very good control. The USC senior should be able to handle a pro workload as he is well known for going deep into games and showed what he could do on 3 days rest in the Super Regionals and CWS. Right now his pitches need the most work as none of them are flashy.
Perfect World Projection: #1 starter with 230+ IP
Glass-Half Empty: Right now he is a #2-3 starter on most any team.

2. Montreal Expositions - Walter Pote - SP
Montreal upset pundits by going with a signability pick at #2 in HS SP Walter Pote. Pote's best quality aside from his willingness to sign for slot is his healthy array of pitches where 3 project to be plus-pitches. He doesn't throw hard which leads to his pitch to contact-style and has tendency to be a bit homer prone. His arm trouble for someone his age is a red flag and we can trust Montreal to closely monitor his workload early on.
Perfect World Projection: 3-4 starter
Glass-Half Empty: His arm falls off and is left to toil in the minors

3. Atlanta Bad Logos - Craig Winston - SP
The best HS pitcher available and Winston knew it, forcing Atlanta to cough up a record bonus in order to get him to sign. He doesn't have a poor pitch in his repertoire, sets up hitters well, and has great control. When does give up a hit, its usually on the ground, and rarely gives up a homer. He is quite durable for an 18 year old and with his work ethic, should move up the ATL system quickly. The Shockers paid the price for him, but it was a real coup for him to fall to them at #3.
Perfect World Projection: #1 SP and one of the top 5 pitchers in the world
Glass-Half Empty: Quality SP

4. Kansas City Warriors- Zeke Evans - CF
KC grabbed the only bat of the top 10 with NMSU senior Zeke Evans. Evans profiles as a defensive whiz who take great routes on balls and doesn't rely on his speed to make plays. His bat is the shakiest part of his game where he doesn't excel at anything he isn't terrible at anything either. He isn't picky at the plate and can make a decent amount of contact. The most exciting part of his offensive game is his speed and basestealing ability where he could break 60+ steals. There are questions about his desire to play the game which could impede his development.
Perfect World Projection: GG caliber CF with a .750+ OPS
Glass Half-Empty: His glove doesn't justify him being an everyday player

5. Arizona Armadillos- Lyle Hines - SP
Hines is an 18 year old RHP with good durability and an excellent work ethic. He has two excellent pitches, a low 90's 2-seamer and mid 80's slider combo that he spots well. His approach is advanced for his age but doesn't figure to have much upside but his pinpoint control and groundball tendencies should help in case he doesn't miss enough bats.
Perfect World Projection: #3-4 SP on a contender
Glass-Half Empty: Closer/Setup A with his two power pitches

6. Boston Stranglers- Boomer Conroy - SP
Boston grabbed soft-tossing HS SP Boomer Conroy who has shown the ability to go deep into games, use his plus-plus 4-seamer to set up his above average secondary offerings. He is control projects to be outstanding control but he isn't a flamethrower and despite his advanced approach to hitter at his age, he isn't going to get a ton better at missing bats. He wowed Boston scouts with his attitude during his injury-marred junior year and his work ethic is unquestioned.
Perfect World Projection: #2-3 SP
Glass-Half Empty- Back of the rotation innings eater

7. Texas Black Lightning - Chad Pride - SP
Another quality HS arm, Pride is a paradox in that he can pitch every 3 days but has trouble going longer than 5 innings. He is a 4 pitch pitcher who mixes his 2-seamer (that has been clocked at 97-99), slider, and change-up well and a cutter that he would be better off forgetting. Scouts feel his approach to hitters is his best upside and should make up for his lack of an ML level out pitch.
Perfect World Projection- Front of the rotation SP
Glass-Half Empty- With his stamina-durable he could be a dominant reliever

8. Portland Killer Whales- Vic Pena - SP
Pena is arguably the top HS pitcher in the draft as he has no glaring holes in his game. He misses plenty of bats despite below average velocity with his excellent array of pitches, which features his plus-plus splitter and slider and an above average curve. All this with great control and the ability to finish a game. The only knock to his game is that he might have trouble going every four days, but with a controlled pitch count he should be fine.
Perfect World Projection: Frontline 1-2 Starter
Glass-Half Empty: He is a long way from his prime, but still should be a solid rotation piece.

9. Cleveland Kosars- Boots Gonzales - SP
Gonzales projects to have top notch control with his excellent plus-plus changeup with no discernible platoon split. He is a hard thrower but his fastball is straight and flat and his sinker is just a slower version of that. He has a long way to go before he becomes an ML pitcher so there is some question about whether he can reach his upside. His medical history shows no red flags and avoiding any bumps in the road Gonzales should be a very good pitcher. Gonzales will go as far as his approach will take him.
Perfect World Projection- #2-3 starter
Glass Half-Empty- Back of the rotation innings eater

10. Trenton Titans- Harold Aspromonte - RP
The first non-starting pitcher taken is the shutdown closer from Mineral Area College. Aspromonte is nearly ML ready now, as he projects to be nearly unhittable by RH batters and capable enough against LH to be a competent closer. His change is a plus-plus pitch and his slider is no slouch either. He doesn't walk many people and keep the ball in the park. There were some questions about his elbow, but nothing that can't be managed by keeping a careful eye on his workload.
Perfect World Projection: Shutdown closer with 40+ save potential
Glass Half-Empty: A 70+ inning Setup up man

11. Tacoma ChickenDance- Rene Richardson - SP
Richardson is the first pitcher taken that actually has some flaws in his game. Don't get me wrong, Richardson has excellent velocity and great command of his stuff, but he lacks a true out pitch and his secondary stuff is pretty average. He can get knocked around by lefties and has some fatigue issues, but overall he is a solid pitcher and has the potential to be a successful starter especially if he stick around to pitch in Tacoma.
Perfect World Projection: Mid-rotation starter
Glass Half-Empty: Pitches don't develop and he is just a reliever

12. Pittsburgh Wannabes- Anthony Jordan - 1B
Due to the plethora of pitching available, perhaps the top bat in the draft fell all the way out of the top 10. Jordan has quick hands, solid plate discipline, and generates good raw power for his body type. He absolutely destroys LHP and will likely do fine against RHP. Pittsburgh has no lack of COF/1B types but Jordan was the top impact bat and likely too good to pass up. He isn't athletic enough to play the outfield but his bat is good enough to be an NL firstbasemen.
Perfect World Projection: .900+ OPS and occasional all-star
Glass Half-Empty: He is going to hit, but his glove belongs at DH

13. New York Godfathers- Curt Ramirez - 2B
Ramirez is a switch hitting HS prospect who does slightly better from the left side. He has an excellent swing, with little motion and quick hands which allows him to make a lot of contact. He needs to work on pitch recognition. While he played 2B in high school he will likely have to make a move to the outfield with LF as his likely destination where his bat isn't as impressive. He tendency of being injury-prone and a lackadaisical attitude make for a troubling combination, but the gamble could pay off.
Perfect World Projection: High OBP, 25-30 HR LF
Glass Half Empty: Injuries and women limit him to being a 4th outfielder

14. Omaha Settlers- Jeff Ausmus - SP
Ausmus measures up well with the best of the draft class but he just doesn't have the raw stuff that really fools batters. His fastball is pretty average as an out pitch and none of his other pitches look to be more than average. What he lacks in command of his pitches he makes up for with smooth mechanics with little stress in his delivery. That coupled with his excellent conditioning mean a large volume of innings he can provide. The thing going for Ausmus is that he really knows how to pitch and is quite advanced for his age.
Perfect World Projection: a quality 250+ innings starter
Glass Half-Empty- He is stuff doesn't evolve and he is just a back of the rotation innings eater

15. Hartford Submarines - Jeremi Rivera - 2B
Its a wonder how Rivera lasted this long but Hartford has to be pleased that he dropped so far. He has a great approach at the plate and good pitch recognition. His swing is compact and allows him to hit for decent power while not sacrificing his strike zone discipline. On D he gets to a lot of groundballs but has a lot of work to do on his glove work. Some think he is good enough to stick in CF where he would be ideal since he lacks the arm strength to really be a great 2B.
Perfect World Projection: All-star caliber CF/2B
Glass Half-Empty: He fails to develop a position and requires a move to LF where his bat doesn't play as well.



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