Triangle Cup Captured by Little Rock; Promptly Renamed

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LITTLE ROCK,  All season the questioned loomed, what if this ends in a tie?  Then after Tito Dixon's grand slam in 1/1 PM2's games gave the victory to Little Rock, we had a tie.  A three way tie at 10 wins a piece.

With a possibility of tie becoming real, an impromptu tie-breaker formula was proposed by equick aka "Slippery Noodle" on 12/23. Then, realizing the formula would not deliver him the spoils, Slippery Noodle, or Noodle, as his friends call him, tried to backtrack (this may be hyperbole) while his brother, jquick1, pondered an infinite number of endgame scenarios the complex formula could delivery (this, however, fact). Not having reviewed the tie-break formula but based on Noodles retraction ("they don't call him Slippery for nothing") and Jquick1's (not to be confused with Jquick) inability to arrive at a decision- RoundFrog quickly accepted the proposal and, as his nature, quickly (and unilaterally) made the "agreement" public thereby ending all debate.  In other words, he told his wife.

We will continue to change things/rules mid-stream.  The challenge will now be called The Mule Cup.  The original styrofoam cup (as seen in The Goldbergs as the Ball Cup) was crushed (intentionally) during on field celebrations and will be replaced with a copper cup - from which the victor will consume many cocktails.  All cocktails consumed by said Mule Cup must have an official name with the words 'Moscow' or 'mule' or 'buck' in the name. An official name is defined as appearing in any reasonable published guide, book or Internet posting describing one or more cocktail recipes.

JQuick1 continues to ponder the tiebreaker formula and will no doubt propose an alternative.  We can only hope this distracts from effectively building the Merchants.  Roundfrog is furiously gathering evidence supporting his claims the spoils involved mush more $ "because it's the first one." Equick continues to be haunted the one game that decided everything:  11/20 PM2 Little Rock 22 Indianapolis 5.



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