Time For a Change

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Dearest Plumpy owners, after much time, thought, and deliberation, I have decided it is time for me to step down as commissioner of our league.  The MWR needs an overhaul and much like we did 12 seasons ago when we created the MWR and I first took over, I believe it would be best for the league for a new dedicated commissioner to step in, take the reigns, and re-establish the league rules.  I am also simply ready to just play this game for awhile.  I would like to nominate Pajammies as my successor.  He has done remarkable work as commissioner in Double Mendoza (their blog is FANCY), and is someone I know will do what is in the best interest of the league.  That said, if anyone else is interested in becoming commissioner, please let it be known now.  I will of course continue to play in the league, and I will continue to recruit new owners at every roll over as it has become a passion of mine.  It has been a pleasure being your commissioner, and thank you everyone for making this world as awesome as it is.  -zeustis01



Commissioner of the fakest fake baseball league on the planet: Plumpy Rules!!!!111