Inside Julio Rijo's Bank Account

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How much money will that guy have made in his career by the time this deal is up? He may well end up netting the most wealth out of any player in Plumpy history.
Based on the above World Chat comment, I thought it might be a fun inaugural mini-post to total up Julio Rijo's projected career earnings.

Entering his 12th Major League season, Rijo is already one of the most decorated pitchers in the history of Plumpy Rules. His list of personal awards includes: Rookie of the Year, 10 straight All-Star appearances, two Silver Sluggers, 7 Cy Youngs, 3 World Series, and 1 Gold Glove. And at age 31, he also places inside the top 5 in: career batting average allowed, career complete games, career ERA, career OBP allowed, career shutouts, career slugging percentage allowed, strikeouts per nine innings, career WHIP, and career winning percentage. It's only fitting he'll likely end up as one of the top earners in Plumpy history as well.

Rijo was signed as an International Free Agent by the (then) Syracuse Magma to a Major league contract in S24. His season-by-season earnings are as follows:
  • S24 (minors) -- Salary: $327K; Bonus: $42M
  • S25 (minors) -- Salary: $327K
  • S26 (Major League debut) -- Salary: $327K
  • S27 -- Salary: $342K
  • S28 -- Salary: $360K
  • S29 -- Salary: $378K
  • S30 -- Arbitration Y1: $2.3M
  • S31 -- Arbitration Y2: $8M
  • S32 -- Salary: $10M; Bonus: $6M
  • S33 -- Salary: $10M
  • S34 -- Salary: $10M
  • S35 -- Salary: $10M
  • S36 -- Salary: $10M
  • S37 -- Salary: $20M; Bonus: $10M
  • S38 -- Salary: $20M
  • S39 -- Salary: $20M
  • S40 -- Salary: $20M
  • S41 -- Salary: $20M (Player Option)

Assuming Rijo exercises his Player Option in S41, that will leave him at age 36, having earned $178,362,000. Over those 18 seasons, that averages out to $9.909M per season.

Considering $42M in Prospect Budget really translates to $20M + 2x$22M = $64M, Rijo's total COST at age 36 will have been a whopping $200,363,000. Over those 18 seasons, that averages out to $11.131M per season.

It is difficult to find the highest paid players throughout our league history. The following is a sampling of players who had both long and successful careers:

Einar Pena (SP): $280,671,000
Amos Phillips (SP): $206,902,000
Brian Lewis (LF): $175,509,000
Juan Seguignol (SP): $158,068,500
Edge Yount (1B): $144,216,000
Vic Herrera (SP): $136,017,000
Dorian Dunham (LF): $129,173,000

At his current rate, Rijo would already end up as #3 on this list, $28.54M behind Phillips and $102.309M behind Pena. It seems likely Rijo will surpass Phillips for #2 on this list.

But for Rijo to surpass Pena, he would need to:
  • Pitch 5 more seasons (through age 40) at an average of $20,461,800 per season
  • Pitch 6 more seasons (age 41) at an average of $17,051,500 per season
  • Pitch 7 more seasons (age 42) at an average of $14,615,571 per season
  • Pitch 8 more seasons (age 43) at an average of $12,788,625 per season

All in all, as good as Rijo is, I think it'll be tough for him to surpass Pena. Giving what amounts to a second max contract at age 36 seems steep, although Pena was signed to a $104M deal at that exact age...



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