S47 Awards Voting

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Awhile back in one of my other worlds (I believe it was FYC), I started a segment where I looked at each of the candidates for awards through the lens of Wins Above Replacement to see which guys are the most deserving. Since then, I have been through several permutations of WAR calculations but I have finally settled on a spreadsheet that is both time-efficient and the most accurate that I have found as it is park-adjusted. Using that method, I took a look at this season's candidates to see who should be considered the front-runners:


  • Marty Roosevelt (1B-San Juan), 9.76 WAR
  • Enrique Guzman (RF-San Juan), 7.87 WAR
  • Winston Dransfeldt (1B-San Antonio), 6.84 WAR
  • Dizzy Ellis (LF-Chicago, AL), 5.84 WAR
  • Ryan Jackson (LF-San Juan), 5.92 WAR

  • Alexi Franco (1B-Jacksonville), 7.88 WAR
  • Enny Cayones (LF-Scranton), 7.01 WAR
  • Elian Rojas Jr. (3B-Scranton), 6.01 WAR
  • Odalis Marmol (1B-Tampa Bay), 7.85 WAR
  • Claude Hunter (LF-Tampa Bay), 6.86 WAR
AL Cy Young
  • Brandon Peters (SP-San Juan), 4.64 WAR
  • Kip Ratliff (RP-Hartford), 1.26 WAR
  • Adam O'Neill (SP-San Juan), 4.66 WAR
  • Charley Beckett (SP-Salem), 2.46 WAR
  • David Peron (RP-Madison), 2.14 WAR
NL Cy Young
  • Nigel Maybin (SP-Pittsburgh), 7.42 WAR
  • Geraldo Terrero (SP-Montreal), 5.70 WAR
  • YasielaArias (SP-Pittsburgh), 6.23 WAR
  • Eugenio James (SP-Montreal), 4.63 WAR
  • Everett Stuart (SP-Anaheim), 4.76 WAR
AL Rookie of the Year
  • Enrique Lee (SP-Salem), 3.85 WAR
  • Richard Boyer (RP-Chicago), 0.15 WAR
  • Asdrubal Rojas (3B-Atlanta), 2.81 WAR
  • Dan Sherman (DH-Tacoma), 2.71 WAR
  • Pierce Sowders (LF-Toledo), 2.15 WAR
NL Rookie of the Year
  • Quinton Strickland, (SP-Montgomery), 3.01 WAR
  • Felix Faulk (2B-Tampa Bay), 4.22 WAR
  • JO Pena (SP-Vancouver), 1.45 WAR
  • Vern Statia (SP-Florida), 1.75 WAR
  • Tyson Cowgill (LF-Florida), 4.09 WAR
As far as my own ballot is concerned, I generally try to vote for the WAR leader for each category unless there are extenuating circumstances. This season, the only exception I'm going to make is in the AL Cy Young race where teammates Adam O'Neill and Brandon Peters finished .02 WAR apart. Although it was O'Neill who beat out Peters by a whisker, my vote is going Peters' way because longtime owner bcpbcp7 noted in World Chat that "He's been too close too many times." That means my ballot will be Roosevelt/Franco/Peters/Maybin/Lee/Faulk



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