The Graham Kiner Memorial Sweepstakes

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In anticipation of Graham Kiner's inevitable retirement/death at the end of this season, and as a small (very small) "thank you" to all the awesome owners in this league, I want to kick off the season with a stupid contest that only I will probably find funny. Any owner that wants to participate can submit a prediction for Graham Kiner's season ending ratings - to keep it somewhat simple we'll do the fielding ratings and hitting ratings - and I will award a free HBD season for both the owner who gets the most "on the nose" ratings guesses, and the owner who has the most accurate "net" score. Tiebreaker for "on the nose" will be better "net" score, and tiebreaker for "net" will be the better "on the nose" score.

I'm not going to spend a bunch of time on rules of the contest or anything, this is just supposed to be fun and to celebrate the weirdest combination of stubbornness and terribleness I've seen in an HBD player. Basically everyone can fill out the prediction sheet ONCE - input your username and team name, and if I get duplicates I'll just discard extras.

"On the Nose"

Any prediction for a given rating that ends up being 100% correct will get a point, any wrong guesses are no points. The owner who gets the most correct wins! So if you get three ratings right on, and every single other rating within one, and another owner gets four ratings right, and every single other rating off by five, the latter owner wins.


Every point a guess misses Kiner's final ratings is added to get a final score. Lowest score wins! So missing his range by three = 3 points, missing power by one = 1 point, etc.

Please submit guesses before the end of Spring Training. He is on my Spring Training squad but I'm not planning on playing him, so he shouldn't get hurt - my goal is and has always been to see how low I can get his ratings while still dangling the carrot of playing time. I will play him as much as possible during the regular season, and definitely will not put him on the DL if he gets hurt, because he's old school and just rubs dirt on it. I will grab a screenshot of his ratings at the end of the Minor League regular season, and that will be compared to all of the guesses. Anyone who complains about the fairness of this stupid contest will maybe be automatically disqualified, depending on how grumpy Graham and I are on that given day.

To enter the contest, fill out the survey here.



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