S48 Hall of Fame Candidates

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Last season, I wrote about the candidates who I believed should be inducted into the Plumpy Hall of Fame based on Bill James' HOF Monitor Score. It is a great tool for judging HOF-worthiness, but unfortunately it takes awhile to calculate and I've been pretty busy in real life recently. As a result, there are not HOFM calculations this year...but I did happen to stumble on another one of James' metrics that is much faster to tabulate and have decided to use that instead.

That metric is the Career Standard score, which is calculated on a 0-100 scale using career totals and some rate-based stats like RBI's per game rather than just the raw totals. To keep things somewhat consistent, though, I've broken things down into several categories of HOF worthiness and chosen the top five candidates based on that breakdown. Here are the results:

"Better Than Babe" 

"No-Doubt First Ballot Player" 

  • Wayne Wilson (79.50 points)
Eventual HOF'ers 
  • Pablo Macias (63.90 points)
  • Desi Pena (56.90 points)
  • Jeremi Rivera (56.10 points)
  • Pinky Curtis (53.50 points)
  • Stephen Collins (53.10 points)
  • Giomar Estrada (52.60 points)
  • Nigel Yount (52.20 points)
  • Shannon Lemon (52.10 points)
  • Dustan Beckham (50.70 points)
  • Ringo Oliver (25.80 points as RP) *
  • David Campos (23.30 points as RP) *
*outscored the only RP to be elected to the Plumpy HOF (PT Jenkins)

HOF Longshots-TBD
Snowball's Chance in Hell at HOF-TBD



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