Annual Triangle Cup Announced

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Written by William Blythe III, Editor Emeritus, North Little Rock Times
HOPE, ARKANSAS The only way to get to Indianapolis is through Nashville or is it the only way to get to Little Rock is through Nashville?  I guess it’s a matter of perspective which is something clearly missing from the ownership of the three baseball franchises in these fine cities.  A planned three-team press conference had been planned to announce the creation of an annual challenge series, tentatively called the Triangle Cup, but the ultra-competitive owner from Little Rock jumped the gun by releasing a statement to the press well before nearly all the details were finalized.  “What’s the big deal?  Once it was clear the other guys wouldn’t go for hookers and blow it was obvious we’d be playing for the usual: beer, money and pride.” said N Roll’s surly owner, RoundFrog.  
The Triangle Cup itself debuted on ABC’s new hit sitcom the Goldbergs.  Modeled after the Ball Ball trophy, it is a Styrofoam soup bowl taped to a plastic Champaign glass.  Cost played a factor.  “We can simply write the winners name each year in pen on the Styrofoam , saving engraving costs.  Plus, the thing ways next to nothing so shipping it will be very cheap.  Its small size will allow young children to hold it while having their pictures taken as it tours the winner’s city.  And if it gets dropped, no big deal, it’s pretty hard to break Styrofoam and plastic.” said pragmatic owner JQuick1.  JQuick2 was unavailable for comment.  
Should they ever win the Triangle Cup, both Nashville and Indianapolis plan to display the Cup in their respective namesake restaurant.  Yes, their teams are named for restaurants.  No definitive word on where N Roll would display.  “I figure it’ll mainly be located in Little Rock, like all the time, so we’ll probably move it around.  After all, there are a lot of restaurants in Little Rock.” said the burly RoundFrog.  
At the time of writing, the series stood at Little Rock 3 wins 4 losses, Indianapolis 4 wins 3 losses and Nashville 3 wins and 3 losses.  “One thing is certain, this thing is gonna be a bitch to tabulate each year.  We’re thinking all-powerful commissioner, Zeus, should take this on.” said Slippery Noodles owner, equick.
WIS has expressed concern over the Challenge Cup because winning the Cup and its associated rewards may actual become more appealing than winning the WIS World Series.  “There’s certainly more gold at the end of that rainbow” said Merchant’s owner JQuick1, who’s never met a trade he’d accept.  RoundFrog added, “If I was WIS, I’d be more concerned about improving the game or maybe a release now and then, what’s it been, like January since the last one?”  This reporter asked WIS for comment and is waiting to hear back from Customer Service.



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