Know Your Plumpy History: jerico18

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The third installment!

jerico18- General Manager: Vancouver Mounties

1.) What do you do in real life?
I support adults and children with developmental disabilities throughout their days. I work in both schools and homes. I really enjoy it. I just wish it paid better.

2.) How did you learn about HBD?
Back in the day I was pretty big into HD and I spent a lot of my day on the HD and WIS message boards. I think that is how I found out about HBD and also Plumpy. A group of people that were playing HD thought it would be fun to have an HBD league filled with guys that were playing HD as well. I beieve Plumpy was the person who started the original league thread in the forum. It turned out that Plumpy decided not to join the league and be part of the original owners unfortunatly but we all respected so much that we decided to name the league after him.

3.) Who is your all time favorite ballplayer in Plumpy?
Carlos Alonso, he is the only Mountie in the Hall. Also I still remember how excited I was when I was looking through my original roster and saw him.

4.) What is your proudest moment in Plumpy?

As commish I was able to recruit The Plumpy to join the league. Unfortunatly he only stayed for one season.

5.) Which player is your proudest draft pick?

I think it was more of a draft class then one pick. Season 7 I had 8 picks in the first two rounds. My third round pick turned out to be a good one with a great name too. Mac Mack

6.) What is the most devastating injury one of your players incurred?

I try not to remember all of my injuries so I would have to say my most recent one which was to SP Dallas Hendrickson. I am hopeful to win my division this season and without him to got a lot tougher.

7.) What is the most overrated rating on a player card?
bunting, I don't bunt that often. I don't think there is much of a concern of me giving up any competitive advantage. I think given my record it is pretty clear that I don't have one.

8.) What is the most underrated rating on a player card? 

Maybe makeup. I think looking at makeup gives an indication of how likely a player is to reach his potential

9.) Do you have a nemesis in the league (either another owner or a particular player?)

Grecianfox. I wonder if he knows that. He is in my division is an original owner as well. Also he has pretty well dominated the division since the start of the league. That being said I would be very disapointed if he left the league.

10.) As one of five owners who was here on day 1 of the league, how do you think Plumpy could improve going forward?
I think one of the most important things to remember is that we are all here to have fun and we all of lives outside of WIS that are more important. I think trying to keep the arguing out of the league chat and getting along makes the league more enjoyable.

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