Know Your Plumpy History: TTjackson

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The fourth in the series of interviews with the original Plumpy owners!

The third installment!

TTJackson- General Manager: Montgomery Burns

1.) What do you do in real life?

I'm a community organizer working on getting congregations & faith communities to work for economic and racial justice.

2.) How did you learn about HBD?

Learned about HBD through Hoops Dynasty. the original members of this league all played HD first.

3.) Who is your all time favorite ballplayer in Plumpy? 

Without a doubt, Todd Ford.

4.) What is your proudest moment in Plumpy?

Finally breaking through for a World Series title, and having a consistent top team the first 15 or so seasons before my team went off the rails.

5.) Which player is your proudest draft pick?

Proudest draft pick is probably Roger Conroy. I've never gotten any great later round picks. I've swung and missed a lot in the draft.

6.) What is the most devastating injury one of your players incurred?

I continue to believe Sandy Mieske was the best pitcher I ever had after Lofton, but he got devastated by multiple injuries despite a great health score.

7.) What is the most overrated rating on a player card?

The ratings I think I've put too much stock in are contact rate and pitch calling. I still have trouble having players who don't do well in those categories. but I'm not sure if they matter as much as I think they do.

8.) What is the most underrated rating on a player card?

I've learned the hard way that overlooking health is a big mistake. I try to avoid guys with health scores under 70, and avoid under 60 at all costs.

9.) Do you have a nemesis in the league (either another owner or a particular player?)

No real nemesis at this point. I enjoy the league and the personalities.

10.) As one of five owners who was here on day 1 of the league, how do you think Plumpy could improve going forward?

I do think the new rules are helpful over the past few years around minimum wins, etc. The thing that has almost led me to quit a few times is that some people take this game way more seriously than others. The assignment of motive to bad seasons has bugged me a lot. My deal is that my life is twice as busy now as it was when I first started playing this game. For instance, I didn't even prep for the draft that just happened (that is a first). This is a diversion and we pay money to play it, so I would like to do away with the vitriol and name calling and simply abide by the rules that we all agree to.



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