Know Your Plumpy History: Bcpbcp7

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Today's interview is with our defending champion, bcpbcp7, general manager of the Elephant Seals of San Juan!

1.) What do you do in real life?

I'm a legislative aide for a U.S. Congressman. I work on health care, disability, crime, and simulated baseball issues.

2.) How did you learn about HBD?

From tlally43, who correctly predicted that I would quickly become addicted.

3.) Who is your all time favorite ballplayer in Plumpy?

Although I've had unhealthy love affairs with many pretend men, my all time favorite is definitely Pedro Campos (Vote Campos for HOF in 2014!). When I took over, my farm system was a barren wasteland, and Campos was my big money IFA signing my first season. He taught me the value of switch-hitting, offensive production at skill defensive positions, and how to love a woman.

4.) What is your proudest moment in Plumpy?

Although finally winning the World Series after going 0-7 in the ALCS was the most relieving moment, I think my proudest moment was winning the division for the first time after learning the game and building a foundation for 3 seasons.

5.) Which player is your proudest draft pick?

Probably Rondell Wise. He's been my no. 3 starter on several playoff teams, and I got him with the 29th pick. He had the stuff I like and just enough flaws to slip down to me.

6.) What is the most devastating injury one of your players incurred?

UUUUGGGHH. Sherman Fick, a promising young SP at the time. I got him in my first ever trade and groomed him patiently through 4 minor league seasons. After about 18 minor league days, I rested him in anticipation of his ML debut, but I forgot to also take my AAA pitching staff off of autopilot. He pitched one more game, blew out his elbow. Some owners have had much worse luck than I in suffering tough injuries to legitimate superstars, but going from a potential no. 2-3 starter to a mopup/swing starter was a bummer. Clearly I'm not over it.

7.) What is the most overrated rating on a player card?

I'm always changing my opinion on which ratings matter most and are over/undervalued by the league, but I have always thought the temper rating for hitters was almost inversely valuable. I swear the guys with low tempers just get plunked more (and get tossed twice a season or whatever), which is fine with me!

8.) What is the most underrated rating on a player card?

I'm going to say the whole defensive spectrum. I just think defense in general is undervalued...or maybe it's just me.

9.) Do you have a nemesis in the league (either another owner or a particular player?)

I've been lucky enough to have two very good nemeses. At first, I was always battling the stupidly named Atlanta Shockers - owned by a perfectly nice, effective owner named taz21 - in the division and seemingly always in the first round of the playoffs. Then of course, came the extremely polite, extremely competent utahjazz88 and the preposterously stacked Memphis Problems dynasty. I think multiple times I finished 2nd in the AL, once 2nd in the entire ML, only to get the 5 seed. Loved battling those teams.

10.) As one of our most seasoned owners, how do you think Plumpy could improve going forward?

I'm going to echo pretty much every interview so far: 1) improved mentoring for new owners, especially new owners who don't have friends in the league already; 2) monitoring the minimum win requirements, which are definitely a positive step, to make sure we're striking the right balance for anti-tanking, new owners, and allowing effective rebuilds; 3) nothing is broken, the league is awesome - very competitive, awesome retention and rollover numbers, good community. Plumpeeerulez!!111!1#$%#^%&8-/./,/,><> is my favorite league by far. 



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