Know Your Plumpy History: Daweiproject

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Today's interview is with Daweiproject, General Manager of the Season 27 World Champion Chicago Fatties and Plumpy owner since season 4!

1.)  What do you do in real life?

I'm a resident physician in pathology.

2.)  How did you learn about HBD?

I was pretty big into Hoops Dynasty. When HBD was first introduced, a bunch of the HD coaches created several worlds for crossover coaches and Plumpy was one of them. I recognized some of the names in the league, so I thought I would give it a shot. I quickly gave up on HD and focused all of my time on HBD.

3.)  Who is your all time favorite ballplayer in Plumpy? 

Philip Gardner. I'm a big fan of moneyball and this dude could flat out get on base. He's currently ranked #2 all-time in walks and his OBP is just outside the top 5. Plus, he had a little pop (8 years of 20+ homers).

4.)  What is your proudest moment in Plumpy?

Definitely when I finally won the world series. It was my 24th season and by then, I figured that it might not ever happen. My team was already getting old and my prior ace, Zephyr Evers, was on the decline. I made a big gamble by going all in for Shigetoshi Jang in free agency and it luckily worked out.

5.)  Which player is your proudest draft pick?

Most of my best players have been acquired through trades or international signings. Many of the good players that I did draft ended up getting traded away. Frank Wagner was probably the best player that I drafted that actually played a significant amount of time for the Fatties. He was a rock in center field who in his best years could put up 35+ homers. Unfortunately, he never received much attention outside of two all-star games.

6.)  What is the most devastating injury one of your players incurred?

Overall, I've been pretty lucky with injuries. Probably the most devastating was to Lucas Johnson in season 23 in which he lost 4 points overall. He was never the ace of the staff, but he was a solid SP2 or SP3. I always thought that he might get over the hump and get one or two all-star nods, but the injury put the end to that. He quickly declined following that year.

7.)  What is the most overrated rating on a player card? 

I'm probably in the minority here, but I think speed is overrated. Until they let me control base stealing and base running aggressiveness for each player individually, it's not that helpful to have one really fast guy with a bunch of slowpokes.

8.)  What is the most underrated rating on a player card?  

I was going to say durability or makeup, but it seems like a lot of people picked those, so maybe they're not underrated. I'll go with simple lefty versus righty. For players with the same ratings, the handedness makes a significant difference in the numbers that they produce, just because there are more right-handed players in the league. Along with that, switch hitting provides an extra boost for production that can often be overlooked.

9.)  Do you have a nemesis in the league (either another owner or a particular player?)

Sordie. Too bad he's no longer around. If you look at my record over the years, you'll see that though I made the playoffs a decent number of times, I rarely won the division. Sadly, my world series win was when his team was already on the decline. It would have been great to finally overcome the needlefish during their prime, but it just wasn't meant to be.

10.)  As one of Plumpy's veteran owners, how do you think Plumpy could improve going forward?

I think it's pretty good the way it is. Though many of us long-time owners initially opposed them, I think the minimum win requirements were a good thing for the league. The best part of this league is that everyone (or most everyone) realizes that this is game and is meant to be fun. It's an enjoyable place to visit after a long hard day of work. Most of the owners try to be fair in trades and reasonable in communication. I think what really stands out for me about this league (compared to other HBD or HD leagues I've been in) is that people here really treat others as real people and not just random internet names. Though there have been occasional spats, they have been short-lived and everyone quickly moved on.



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