Know Your Plumpy History: indiansrck27

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Due to popular demand, we will be continuing our series of interviews with veteran Plumpy owners.  Our next owner is indiansrck27, General Manager of the Minnesota Killer Land Whales, and a Plumpy owner since season 10!

1.) What do you do in real life?

I am in the US Army, I have been for 4 years now. I am a former Combat Engineer but I just finished schooling for my new job in the Army which is Psychological Operations.

2.) How did you learn about HBD? 

I googled simulation sports, discovered WIS and started with HD, then tried the rest of the games. I had a rough going my first few seasons of HBD, but eventually it became a massive addiction, still is.

3.) Who is your all time favorite ballplayer in Plumpy? 

Damaso Delgado hands down, signed him my 2nd full season in Plumpy and he is still going strong. Defintiely a future HOFer.

4.) What is your proudest moment in Plumpy?

Since I dont have a WS win its not that. Pretty proud of my season 20 playoff run as a 89 win team. I pulled of B2B2B upsets of 3 104+ win teams only to lose in the WS to frankum.

5.) Which player is your proudest draft pick? 

This is really tough. Ive just realized although ive drafted well ratings wise, ive traded a lot of guys away, and overall the guys i have drafted havent performed well. I hope to say in the future Fritz Walsh and Bryant Wirth are my proudest. But right now Bruce Kohlmeier is he was just very consistent and anchored my lineup the whole time.

6.) What is the most devastating injury one of your players incurred? 

Del Moya early on in his career was injured 2 seasons in a row really hurting his development of what I thought he could have been. He still rebounded since they were early on but missing all of season 17 but 3 games really hurt.

7.) What is the most overrated rating on a player card?

Many many many people will disagree with me on this but IMO by far most over rated is the health rating. Too many times have high health guys been injured multiple times and low health guys never get hurt once.

8.) What is the most underrated rating on a player card? 

Durability. Having a slugger with 90 compared to 70 is a huge deal in the amount of 100% games played. Same goes for pitchers.

9.) Do you have a nemesis in the league (either another owner or a particular player?) 

Frankum was definitely a nemesis not really because of our games vs each other just because of WC and TC interactions.

10.) As one of our most seasoned owners, how do you think Plumpy could improve going forward? 

If it aint broke, dont fix it. I think Plumpy is one of the best worlds in all of HBD hands down.

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