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Arizona Fighting Armadillo's (AL)
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The Armadillo's have only missed 2 out of the last 11 playoffs. They have only made it out of the DCS twice and look to have been a team always one step or one move away from greatness. 1OldDawg has done a great job of fielding a great ML level team without giving up his top prospects. Having traded or released only 9 of his picks from the first five rounds from the past 11 seasons. All in all the Armadillo's have a bright future. It looks like they could use a few more pitching prospects on the farm and they will be just fine. John Purcell looks to have a bright future in the Bigs.

1. John Purcell
2. Felipe Arias
3. Wayne Jones
4. Amos Womack
5. Jeremy Cashman
6. Jimmy Bowman
7. John Stevenson
8. Matthew Donovan
9. John Stevenson
10. Delino Romero

Top Draft Pick
Of the Decade

Season 2: Brett Griffith
Season 3: Johnny Pride
Season 4: J.J. Bigbie
Season 5: Damian Hall
Season 6: Danny Priddy
Season 7: Dave Holt
Season 8: John Purcell
Season 9: Jimmy Bowman
Season 10: Pascual Johnson
Season 11: Jeremy Cashman

Best Tools
Best Power Hitter: John Purcell
Best Hitter for Average: John Purcell
Fastest Baserunner: Amos Womack
Best Fastball: Derrek Nixon
Best Curveball: Clyde Gilbert
Best Control: Jimmy Bowman
Best Infield Arm: Wayne Jones
Best Defensive Catcher: Del Davey
Best Outfield Arm: Juan Jacquez



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