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Atlanta has had more up than downs having won the World Series twice. They fell to a organization low 54 wins two seasons ago. They got a new owner and GM last season who turned the team around to improve the win total by 26. And made the playoffs as the wild card. With Mota having proven he can hit at the big league level and several others looking ready to make that jump Taz has them heading in the right direction. And I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

1. J.P. Benitez
2. Alex Mota
3. Guillermo Guerrero
4. Eric Pettitte
5. Larry Ross
6. Red Castillo
7. Kris Post
8. Mac Lee
9. Pete Beckham
10. Eric Morgan

Top Draft Pick
Of the Decade
Season 2: James Rollins
season 3: Dave Darwin
season 4: Ed Cannon
season 5: Roger Bradshaw
season 6: Tony Taveras
season 7: Matthew Minor
season 8: Eric Pettitte
season 9: Pete Beckham
season 10: Nigel Bryne
season 11: Guillermo Guerrero

Best Tools

Best Power Hitter: Felix Canseco

Best Hitter for Average: Alex Mota

Fastest Baserunner: Larry Ross

Best Fastball: Matt Holmes

Best Curveball: Matt Holmes

Best Control: Hugh Holliday

Best Defensive Catcher: Kane Pittinger

Best Infield Arm: Darron Hartman

Best Outfield Arm: Alex Mota



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