GM Of The Year!!!111

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Congratulations to rds_lsu GM of the Salt Lake City The Salt for winning the first annual Plumpy GM Of The Year!!!111

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City The Salt (NL)
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What did rds_lsu do??

Last Year The Salt Lake franchise went 59-103 an abismal year by all accounts.

Then bringing new life into the franchise rds led the team to 100 wins. A 41 game improvement.

Not only did he lead them to a division title. But The Salt have found their way to the world series.

Key moves:

Trading for Ewell Coles has been the big trade for The Salt. Coles has batted .317 with 34 HRs while in a Salt uniform.

Signing Anthony Stanley as a free agent. Stanley has gone 9-6 with a 3.34 ERA. Including

Rule V drafting of Doug Caruso arguably the best move made by rds_lsu. Caruso has converted 37 of 45 saves and a very nice 3.12 ERA to boot.

Congrats to rds_lsu!



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