Monterrey Jacks

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The Jacks have made the playoffs 5 times and have won the division two consecutive years. The Jacks play in a slight hitters park.

The Jacks are loaded with solid sluggers, including former first round pick and left handed slgger Julius Moreno, who has elite power, a great eye, nice splits, and makes good contact. In 3 and a half MLB seasons, Moreno has collected 139 HRs, including 40+ the past two seasons. Batting average has not been a strong suite, particularly last year, when he hit only .256. Moreno should be good for 40 HRs most every year, and will likely have a 50 HR campaign at some point.

3B Andrew Jones is the veteran slugger for the Jacks. The five time all star has collected 285 HRs and over 1000 RBI in a ten year big league career. Only 32, Jones could join the 500 HR club if health permits. Jones should be good for 25 HRs and 80 RBI this season, while playing a solid 3B. Meanwhile, LF Jimmie Richardson brings great range and a nice glove to the defensive end, while offensively he is an incredible lead-off hitter, with great splits, an awesome eye, and a great contact rate. Richardson should be able to improve on his average and OBP in years to come, which have been a disappointing .274/.349. Richardson has the skill set to win a batting title some day.

2B Enrique Ozuna is a good fielding solid all-around hitter, with an excellent eye and decent power. Over the past four seasons in the majors, Ozuna has 90 HRs and has hit .272. 2B Frank Mauer should also garner some playing time. Despite poor plate discipline, Mauer makes excellent contact and is particularly dangerous against LHP. A rookie in season 12, Mauer is lightening fast, with over 400 minor league SBs. SS Quinton Cust has a great arm with accuracy, but his range and glove are a bit underwhelming for a SS. Cust is an above average offensive player for a SS, but has no one special skill at the plate.

Jerry Torres has elite power and passable hitting skills across the board. Over 7 seasons, Torres has averaged almost 50 HRs per year, and has 800 career RBI, with a .259 BAVG. He should continue to hit for 40 or more HRs with regular playing time. Melvin Lilly is another great power hitter on the Jacks, with nearly 170 HRs in just four full-time big league seasons. 

1B Red O'Donnell has elite power and crushes LHP while holding his own against righties. He also makes good contact and has a good eye. O'Donnell hit 41 HR and had a batting average over .270 during last season's rookie campaign, earning AL Rookie of the Year honors. O'Donnell figures to be a core of the Jacks lineup for years to come.

Rigo Osuna is a very nice defensive SS who has decent power. He is a solid defensive replacement, spot starter, and pinch hitter against RHers. Even though he is a switch hitter, he has a lot of trouble vs. LHP.

Benny Iglesias was a nice pickup as a free agent CFer. An excellent defender who is injury prone, Iglesias has very good contact skills and splits, but no power. A career .310 hitter, Iglesias will be a nice contributor if he can stay healthy.

C Donnie Leskanic struggles with pitch calling, but is an excellent hitter, with awesome splits and solid skills as a hitter. He should improve his offensive numbers in the coming years.

Staff ace Ernie Wood provides great control, nice splits, and four good pitches, including an excellent slider. In three plus ML seasons, Wood has a 48-31 record, with over 500 K's and an ERA just over 4.00. Season 11 was probably his best season, as Wood sported a 16-8 record and made the all star team. Wood's broken arm in season 8 stunted his growth and prevented Wood from being the Cy Young quality pitcher many had projected, but Wood is still a serviceable #1 or #2 starter.

Young RHP Chris McDill is a very solid #2 SP, with great control, is tough on RHers, and has two good pitches. His lack of a dominant pitch holds him back, but he will still be a solid contributor for many seasons. In two big league seasons, McDill has a 28-18 record, and an ERA under 4. He should be good for 12-15 wins again this season. Meanwhile, Carlos Guardado offers great durability, stamina, and controlto go with three plus pitches, but has weak splits. The lefty has particular problems with RHers. He struggled last season during his rookie campaign, with an ERA well over 5, to go along with 17 losses. Still Guardado projects to be a very nice SP for years to come.

#4 SP Frank Kuo has a nice four seam FB and decent skills across the board, suitable for a back end of the rotation guy. Nothing special here, but he is serviceable.

Rick "Superfreak" James is a decent 5th starter/long reliever, with good control, decent splits, and two ML pitches. Johnnie Bennett is another long reliever with excellent control but sub-standard splits. Bennett does have a great 4-seamer and is an extreme ground ball pitcher, making up for his deficiencies somewhat. Bret Ross is yet another long reliever, with decent control, a great sinker, and the ability to keep the ball on the ground. His splits are decent bit not great.

Benito Olivo, in addition to having a cool sounding name, is a very nice short reliever, with good control, very good splits, and two nice pitches. Steve Duran is a RH set up man, with great control, good splits, and a lights out 4-Seam FB. Buck is a passable short reliever with average control & mediocre splits, but with a great 4-Seam FB, great velocity, and the ability to keep the ball on the ground. William Stockton is another nice reliever in a talented Jacks bullpen, with good control, splits, and quality pitches.

Tom Reed is the closer, sporting excellent control, solid splits, and two good pitches. The HR ball might be a problem, but he anchors a very good bullpen with lots of good arms.

Monterrey has a nice lineup, some good pitching, and a very good bullpen. They should be in the mix for the division.


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