Rumor Has It...

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That Toronto Grizzlies brass have been exploring the option of relocating the team to Flushing, New York home of Shea Stadium. I hear that the deal to relocate the Grizzles to NY is as close to done as something can be.

Also in Grizzlie news, GM rydart was quoted recently saying "Any pitcher on my ML staff can be had."

GM ttjackson of the Montgomery Burns announced in a press conference that he would be embarking on a scouting tip to Israel that could last up to a third of the season. Some GMs however are skeptical. A GM who requested to be remain annonymous said "The guy is a nut case. HE is just going to waste time and money and frankly that franchise is going to be hurting bad as a result."

GM Tjack agreed with the notion that this will be a rough year. And stated "The entire major league roster is on the block except Todd Ford."

Word out of Portland is that Gm Irock is actively searching for a #1 SP. And has already contacted several GMs. Irock also mention that the youth movement which he started when he first came on as GM in Portland will continue this year. "Let me put it to you this way, any one 27 or older is gone this year. No if and s or butts. The guys whos contracts expire this year Paulie Ardoin, Joey Duncan, Joe Nitkowski, and Paul Won will not r=be resigned. Francisco Fernandez and Trot Hughes will be traded and Rich Harrison is going to be released.

Legal issues are swarming around the Vancouver Mounties and top prospects Julio Gil and Rafael Henriquez as they were arrested late last night after allegedly impersonating actual Canadian Mounties. The two players were dressed as Canadian Mounties trying to get into an exclusive art gallery. GM jerico stated that "the players would not be charged, but the team will deal with this in house."

Once again M.A.D.D. have been protesting out side "The Baseball Grounds of JAcksonville" located in Jacksonville, Florida. For the third straight year M.A.D.D has been actively protesting the Jacksonville Alcoholics nickname and have taken the team to court AGAIN. Once again GM frankum said "I dont care what a group of angry single mothers who are just mad because they havent had a real date in 10 years think about my team and out nickname. We will easily win the case for the 3rd straight year." In relation to that story, frankum was ruled out as a suspect in the murder investigation of Mary Stiff the former head of M.A.D.D.'s Jacksonville location.

For now folks that is all the news and rumors we have out of TPT!!!111

Keep your eyes peeled as we will update our rumors and news as soon as we hear it.

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