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The Cubs have been pushed around a lot over the years. Sitting in a Division that was dominated by one team for six straight seasons one time finishing as far back as 45 games. Chicago finished last season with their second straight Division title. The Cubs sit at a crossroad with 12 players over the age of 30 and another 4 about to turn 30. The question that has to be on kenters mind is, do we ride the old guys for a couple more seasons or do we initiate a youth movement? The farm system seems kinda barren when it comes to top prospects. However there are a hand full that can and most likely will make an impact in the bigs.

1. Carmine Lucas
2. Miguel Barrios
3. Ralph Barry
4. Pat Saitou
5. Troy Jones
6. Damaso Ayala
7. Fernando Espinoza
8. Phillip Counsell
9. Phil Nitkowski
10. Oswaldo Alonso

Top Draft Picks
Of the Decade
Season 2: Jeff Hackman
Season 3: Ralph Hines
Season 4: Adam Baez
Season 5: Ken O'Malley
Season 6: Deion Newfield
Season 7: Julian Aguilera
Season 8: Chipper Anderson
Season 9: Hector Pulido
Season 10: Carmine Lucas
Season 11: Oswaldo Alonso

Best Tools

Best Power Hitter: Ralph Barry
Best Hitter for Average: Troy Jones
Fasetest Baserunner: Midre Fernandez
Best Fastball: Orlando Sosa
Best Curveball: Carmine Lucas
Best Control: Miguel Barrios
Best Defensive Catcher: Fernando Espinoza
Best Infield Arm: Nigel Tomberlin
Best Outfield Arm: Andres Park



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