New York Godfathers

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When word came out that academy award winning director Martin Scorsese was bankrolling a franchise in Plumpy Rules, the name just flowed naturally. Unable to turn his back on the mobster genre behind such hits as Goodfellas, Casino, and The Departed, the name New York Godfathers caught on early, with no deference to Francis Ford Coppola.

After five great seasons as a franchise, the past seven have seen the team sport a losing record. Fans are impatient, and nobody gets impatient like the Godfather. So the team shook things up this offseason, particularly in the pitching department, in what looks like a complete overhaul. Among the new additions are free agent signees Rob Pote and Tony Mori as well as Darren Mack, acquired through trade. These are all solid if not remarkable starters who should solidify the team in their pursuit of a winning record in season 13.

Steven Munoz anchors a fairly pedestrian bullpen, though the team has some nice long relief options in Matty Nieves and Ryan Truman, who could also serve as a starting pitcher. The pitching should be improved, but is probably not quite league average.

Offensively the team has more depth and talent, including last year's rookie of the year candidate Ronald LeCroy, Tony Swann, Peter Tanaka, and Harry Guzman. The team has potential this season to do better, but reaching .500 still seems a remote possibility at best. But the team has demonstrated a willingness to roll the dice in the offseason, and maybe some more moves will further their upward swing. Joe Pesci certainly hopes so.


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