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Montreal Expositions

With a slew of slick fielding shortstops waiting in the wings, Rick Larkin has become expendable in Montreal. Larkin is coming off a season 12 campaign in which he hit .256/14/65 while stealing 37 bases. While he did not get on base quite as much as his first season in Montreal, he did still manage to score 82 runs. Bill Clifton was just what Montreal needed in season 11, but he got rocked in season 12. Odds are Montreal will let the 229 save reliever walk unless they hear of a trade and sign type opportunity.

Oakland Hammers

Adrian Adkinsson and Rey Maxwell aren't going to be resigned and will be heading to free agency. Adkinsson can simply be described as the next bidding war, even at age 38. Maxwell also knows how to earn his paycheck. This Right Fielder has hit 217 home runs while hitting .289 lifetime.

Chicago Fatties

A hot name right now in the rumor mill is Centerfielder Oswaldo Escobar. The soon to be 31 year old Escobar has racked up 7 of the last 9 Gold Gloves, including Season 12. He makes a lot of sense for a lot of teams simply for his defense, but Escobar also provides the presence of a lefty bat with a friendly contract. Escobar will be entering the final year of a four year contract that has paid him $5.8 million annually.

New York Godfathers

Trenidad Espinosa rebounded amiably after being let go by Louisville in Season 11. Espinosa finished season 12 by hitting .285 15/43 out in Right Field. Staff ace Johnny Pride is available. Pride is coming off an 11-15 season. Sam Witt saw action last year as a back end of the rotation guy for the Godfathers. The lifetime 28-53 pitcher may have a hard time finding work above the AAA level. Johnny Pride is a soon to be 29 year old lefty who offered the Godfathers 200+ innings last year, a feat he has accomplished 4 times in his career. Pride will be looking to catch on wherever someone will pay him. More than likely he will try to get New York to resign him, but realizes his best bet is with a rebuilding club to warm a spot until other prospects are ready to take over.

Portland Killer Whales

“No one will be resigned” is apparently the mantra of the Killer Whales these days. All potential free agents include Patrick Rigby, Pedro Diaz, Stephen McDowell, and Reagan Robinson . Fernando Garces is the highest profile Killer Whale to go to the market. Garces is not willing to resign with Portland and the front office could not be happier. “Even if he would want to resign him, we wouldn’t” stated one source with knowledge of the situation. “The youth movement in Portland will go on.” Portland has been signaling interest in trading Trot Hughes, Francisco Fernandez, and Rey Van Hekken.

Norfolk Needlefish

When asked for rumors, most GMs smile and lawyer up on you. That isn’t GM Sordie’s style. Runner-up for Fireman of the Year, Chris Sauveur , is going to retire from baseball, get a sex change operation, change his name to Christina, and dance in a French cabaret review.” Scouts in some circles had said they thought he had already done that at the deadline in Season 10 when Saveuer was slotted as the Philadelphia closer and proceeded to have a 2.39 WHIP and an ERA just under 8 . Sordie is also telling anyone that will listen that Gary Clayton and Juan Sosa are looking to be dealt. Rick Neill just had a great season but he’s stated that he’s looking for one last good deal, so he’ll explore Free Agency.

San Juan Elephant Seals

Signed through 15 at a rate of 5.4 million a year, Ricardo Johnson is rumored to be available. Johnson isn't too sexy of a player in the eyes of most GMs, but some see his value. Johnson offers little power, but does offer great speed and a great eye. Last season, his on base percentage was low by his standards at .355 in comparison to his lifetime mark of .371. Also, don't be surprised if the San Juan front office fields offers for anyone over the age of 25.

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