Honolulu Kohunas

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Many assumed that after the epic Brady Bunch episode set in the Hawaiian Islands, it would all be down hill for the union's 49th state. But if possible, the Plumpy Rules squad has restored some "Brady Magic" to this sleepy and all but forgotten set of Pacific Islands.

Last season, the Kahunas made the playoffs for the first time in five seasons, entering as a wild card in the tough AL. The biggest temptation in season 13 will be to hold off recalling one of the best catching prospects in Plumpy Rules history: Bob Clark. Clark could write his name in the middle of the lineup card on opening day if the club feels he's ready, but a year of seasoning at AAA may be in the cards, at least until the super-2 designation runs out.

Offensively the team is paced by Rolando DeJesus's 46 HRs, while T.J. Haynes contributed over 100 SBs (almost as many as his 121 K's) while clubbing 22 HRs.Alan Sisco had an off year offensively, but should be able to rebound this season. In free agency, the Kahunas added power ihitting CF Rico Rosa, who should add a bit more pop to the middle of the lineup.

The starting staff is solid if unspectacular. Charles Knoblauch, Johnnie Murphy, Carlos Alvarez, and Moises Nieves are all solid contributors. There is no legit #1 starter, however. The bullpen is paced by workhorse D'Angelo Eusebio to work with Roy Christiansen and Kevin Greer. The bullpen will keep the Kahunas in a lot of games this year, and they should compete for a wildcard spot yet again. While the upcoming season of Honolulu baseball won't make anyone forget the cave adventures of the Brady Bunch trip to Hawaii, the future looks bright in these forgotten islands, as soon as Bob Clark arrives on the scene.



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