Montgomery Burns Special Report

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Late word out of Montgomery is that the Burns and slugger Todd Ford are on the verge of signing a four year contract extension. Ford is entering the final year of his contract in Plumpy season 13. While the final agreement has not yet been signed, insiders are saying that the total deal is expected to be in the four year/$35 million range.

Late last year, a team executive told this reporter that Montgomery, coming off their first losing season in team history, would decide whether to rebuild or reload in season 13 based on the team's ability to sign the much-coveted Ford. Based on this news, look for Burns to lock up former Cy Young winner Sandy Mieske to a long-term contract, and expect Montgomery to be buyers on the trade market for starting and relief pitching to try to push the young and intimidating Jacksonville Alcoholics club.

Upon hearing of the possible long-term deal with Ford, catcher Steve Cannon said, "Time to declare prohibition in the NL South!" Stay tuned for more details.


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