Montgomery Burns Rant on Coach Hiring

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TO WIS Powers that be:

I know the coach hiring process is one that is extremely hard to figure out, and the what if team has put a lot of effort toward improving it. That said, I would like to share what recently happened to me in the Plumply Rules league in my pursuit of a fielding instructor. Like always, I tried to lock up coaches early and avoid financial battles over elite coaches, settling for very good coaches. I value fielding, so my target was given a $1,500,000 plus offer. And I waited for him to sign. I went to bed last night assuming he was signing, as there were precious few coaches left. At the 11 PM cycle he told me he got a better offer. I'm coming off back surgery earlier this week, and have been crashing about nine or nine thirty due to meds, etc. I woke up this morning and find he has signed elsewhere at the 3 AM cycle. No chance to counter. No chance to try to get back in the game on the guy I'd led on almost the entire time. Okay, happened before. But what was left? The BEST fielding rating left among all the coaches at all levels was in the mid 50s! So I have a horrible fielding instructor, because there is absolutely no safety net for somebody poaching a coach at the last minute, and the sim does not generate an adequate number os 70 + rated fielding instructors to insure somebody doesn't get slammed. My concern is fairly minimal, except that I would not be surprised to see the penalty for this late night singing of my targeted fielding instructor will probably include: substandard fielding improvement from minor leaguers and young major leaguers, and more rapid decline of fielding ratings from my older veterans. I think this is way too big a penalty for someone who was on top of things, not blowing the coach hiring process off, and who invests time and money in this sim. Please work on fixing this so this type of thing doesn't happen to other players in the future. It simply isn't a fair or just aspect of the SIM.


Commissioner of the fakest fake baseball league on the planet: Plumpy Rules!!!!111