World Series Facts

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So there was some degree of surprise at Philadelphia's world series win in Season 12, so I went back quickly to consider some fast facts from Plumpy Rules World Series past.

If not an upset, Philadelphia's win at least classifies as going against the grain in Plumpy for the following reasons:

Philly is an NL team, only the third NL franchise to win the Plumpy World Series (Oklahoma City in season 1, Montgomery in seasons 7 & 9 are the others). The AL leads 8-4.

Philly is the first team under 100 wins to capture the crown since Oklahoma City won in season 1! They are the first team with under 90 wins to capture a world series crown.

Amazingly, ten straight seasons saw a 100 win team capture the world series, and many of the World Series included 2 100 win teams.

The are the lowest seed to win a World Series since season 1, when Oklahoma City won as a 5 seed.


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