San Juan Elephant Seals

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The Seals finished 8th in the AL last season, three games away from a wildcard slot. Since the move to the city by the sea, the elephant seals have been mediocre. Former team owner bob squad was so offended by the move from Durham, NC to the where, Puerto Rico? that he rejoined the league to seek vengeance on the Seals, but only after he finds out where on God's Green Earth San Juan is. We all pray for Bob's sanity as we don't want to see any Plumpy owner imprisoned for killing an endangered species like the elephant seal.

The biggest question in San Juan going into this season is when will superstar prospect SS Pedro Campos make his debut. Will he spend the year in AAA or make an impact in season 13? The team also has an excellent pitching prospect, Roger Jameson, who is still a year or two away.

The team's offense is solid enough without Campos, but would get a big shot in the arm with him. Marvin West led the Seals with 34 HRs, while Matthew Sweeney added over 180 hits. Overall, the team lacks power, but does a decent job getting on base. Another power bat or two would really help this offense.

Pitching is solid, but not spectacular, in San Juan. Diaz, Pederson, Mendoza, and Jason Reed give solid innings but the bullpen led by Sivilla and Fernandez kept the Seals in a lot of ballgames.

Frankly, this is a rather mediocre team heading into season 13, but they have a few of the finest prospects in the league who should be up in the big leagues before bob squad discovers where in Carmen Sandiego San Juan is.


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