Monterrey Jacks

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Who knew Monterrey could ever add a jewel to its crown that surpasses a wonderful aquarium, a legacy dripping with the life and writings of John Steinbeck, an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, and being a hop, skip and a jump from Pebble Beach. But when Monterrey welcomed its first Plumpy Rules franchise, the seaside town felt like it had finally arrived!

Monterrey has won its division three straight years, and reached the second round before falling to Rails last season. The team did little in the offseason to reload, as the offseason has been fairly uneventful in Monterrey, save the addition of the two Willies to the pitching staff via FA: Jose and Martinez. Believe it or not, one is from Cuba and the other from West Virginia!

The team has several nice starting pitchers in Vic Herrera, Frank Kuo, Chris McDill, and ERnie Woods. Even Rick "Superfreak" James adds another nice arm to the staff. The pen is also solid with Benito Olivo, the newly acquired Willie Martinez (the one from Cuba) and Tom Reed.

The team also boasts a load of power from Jerry Torres, Julius Moreno, Red O'Donnall, and the ageless Andrew Jones. Jimmie Richardson provides a great bat at the top of the lineup. Bottom line? Monterrey can win the division again for the fourth straight year, but this team does not stack up against the top three teams in terms of talent. Unfortunately, Monterrey will probably continue to be best know for Cannery Row and a great cheese and not for a nice Plumpy Rules squad (And any attempt to tell me this team is from Monterrey, Mexico will be met by a simple resopnse, "No Comprende!!!")


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