Atlanta Shockers

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In 1984, "The Jacksons," fronted by beloved Michael, teamed up with Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger to record the #3 hit single "State of Shock." Now a quarter of a century later, the King of Pop is dead, Mick Jagger is inexplicably still rolling along, and the team that has embraced the sentiment of the Jacksons? Plumpy Rules own "Atlanta Shockers."

The Shockers are a once proud franchise, as they were the first to win multiple World Series crowns and to be repeat champions. The franchise has made the playoffs in 8 of its last 12 seasons, including its first under their current ownership. Last season was a big disappointment, however, with the team managing just 64 wins and finishing last for the second time in three years in their division. The fans have been shocked by the dismal failure of the already brief taz21 regime.

But from the looks of it, the fan base will continue to be shocked this coming year. The team's best players form the corp of an extremely talented farm system, but farm systems take time to develop. Will the Atlanta faithful have the patience for taz's rebuilding plan to develop, or will they try to shock the ownership into action more quickly? Only time will tell (ASIA tune).

For season 13, the offense will be built around 1B slugger Jose Lee, who hit for 36/140 last season, with an OPS over 1.000!!! Juan Zapata is a steady hitting RF, Vic Morales provides nice hitting skills from the DH position, and Rule 5 pick-up Kent Nicholson should contribute right away. Still, most of the team's best offensive weapons are a year or two away.

Pitching wise, James Rollins, Gregory Crow, Hunter Windell, and Vic Duran head a durable but mediocre pitching staff. Turner Christiansen and Larry Brown head up an equally average bullpen. Simply put, this is a below average team, who are most likely to shock the league with below average play in season 13.


Commissioner of the fakest fake baseball league on the planet: Plumpy Rules!!!!111