NL South Preview

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The long overdue preview of the NL SOuth if finally here!!


The Jacksonville Alcoholics have had a very quite offseason this year. Besides a few minor league signings GM frankum felt his returning squad was more than adequate to go for back to back division championships. Jacksonville did arbitrate with several players including: Zeus Thurman, Dan Clayton, George Reuschel, and Glenn Carlyle all being signed to one year deals.

The Montgomery Burns had quite a busy offseason making several huge trades and even a few FA signings. GM tjack stated that "a one season break from pure division dominance was way too long, and that it was once again time to take the team back to its rightful place atop the division." joing the Burns as FA are: 4 Time All Star Henry Ulrich, Tony Ward who had a recent power surge leading some to speculate he is juicing, and finally Herbert Widger who retuns to the Burns after a less than impressive season 12. Coming to the Burns in trades include: 7 time All Star stud catcher Lonny Griffin coming over from Trenton, Jose Martin a 3 Time All Star and once a Gold Glove winner coming over from Boston, slick fielding CF a 7 time Gold Glove winner and a threat every season Oswaldo Escobar coming back to Montgomery byway of Chicago, Elvis Ramirez who has been primarily as a reliever over his career but now in the Burns rotation coming from Philadelphia, 40 HR threat Francisco Alvarez coming in from Cleveland, relievers Clayton Philips and C.J. Riggs coming into to vastly improve the bull pen by way of Texas, and last but not least top SS prospect Tike Burks in from Portland.

The Richmond Tyrants like the Alchies were relatively quiet this offseason. The Tyrants did make a several FA signings including: Enrique Ozuna, recent first time All Star Victor Lopez, 40 HR, 100 RBI threat Blake May, William Kyung, Rick Neill, Mark Coleman, Tony Mendoza and a few mor epieces to the puzzle. GM bwb has almost rebuilt the entire pitching staff completly looking to take the next step and over take either Jax or the Burns.

The Tampa Bay Pirates made a couple of trades netting a few minor leaguers who may or may not make appearances in the ML. Those minor leaguers include Thom Karl and Julian Amaro who both could see ML time this year depending on injuries. Amaro is a future defensive stud, while Karl seems ot be nothing more than a stop gap. The Pirates also made a few FA signings this offseason including: Tommy Paulson, Todd Thomas who could make a very servicable SU man, and Rico Cairo who is a great defensive SS and will contend for the Gold Glove. Also joining the Pirates form AAA include once highly touted prospect but now a journeyman Steven Hiljus and Jorge Herrera.


1. Montgomery Burns

The Montgomery Burns feature not just one of the best lineups in all of Plumpy, but best teams. Expect the Burns to reclaim 1st place from the Alcoholics this season and a 1st round bye in the playoffs.

C - Lonny Griffin a perrenial .300+, 20 HR threat every season at catcher and is arguably the best catcher.

1B - Todd Ford is a 5 time MVP and one of if not the best players in all of Plumpy.

2B - Sid Nelson is a high batting average 2B perfect for the leadoff who will steal upwards of 50 SB per season. Just the player the Burns need to get the offense going every game.

SS - Ariel Sosa Although Sosa is not the ideal player for the SS position, his combination of contact, power, and speed make him a 5 tool player who any team would gladly have at SS.

3B - Tony Ward Is a good bat to have at the end of the lineup. Has no problem batting against lefties or righties, but with some power and lacking real contact abilities Ward could have either a great season or a bad season. Only time will tell.

LF - Francisco Alvarez Another big power bat int he Burns lineup, Alvarez looks to provide some big RBIs this season. Alvarez is a sleeper for not just the team but league MVP.

CF - Oswaldo Escobar a slick fielding CF who is not the best hitter, but his fielding will mor ethan makeup for that. Gold glove potential winner.

RF - Walter Newfield is the young buck in this lineuyp as he is several years younger than the rest of his counterparts. Newfield has tons of speed and is very good contact hitter.

Rotation - The Burns rotation features ace Sandy Mieske along with 4 other high control pitchers with good splits. Mieske,Jose Martin, and Elvis Ramirez are al Cy Young threats while the others are no slocuhes either.

Bull Pen - On the backs of Martin Ramirez, C.J. Riggs, and Clayton Philips the Burns feature a formidable pen.

2. Jacksonville Alcoholics

Like their division rivals, the Alcoholics feature one of the better lineups in Plumpy. Although I expect Jax to finish just behind Montgomery, the Alcoholics will win one of the wild cards spots for the playoffs.

C - Warren Davenport An average hitter, but Davenport knows how to call a game pretty well. He will help the pitching staff out alot this season.

1B - Jamie Rodgers an above average hitting 1B who will hit anywhere from 25 to 40+ HRs and drive in around 100 Rbis. Not bad at all.

2B - Dan Clayton One of the better hitting 2B in the entire league. This guy will go for .330+ and hit at least 30 HRs a season.

SS - Zeus Thurman He may not be the ideal SS, but what he lacks in the field he will make up with his bat. A .300 hitter with 20 HRs to boot not too bad out of your SS.

3B - Rolando Guerrero The theme of very good hitters in this lineup continues as we get to arguably the best on the team. With 30+ HR power, and batting well over .300 this is a guy you want batting in the 1st inning.

LF - Ron Puffer If you want a clean up hitter, this is your man. Puffer is a guy who can hit 50+ HR and carry your team through the playoffs. Look out for Puffer to be a MVP candidate this season.

CF - Virgil Belliard A solid fielding CF who isnt going to wow you with the stick, but will provide a good bat at the end of the lineup.

RF - Antonio Whang Continues the long line of good Alcoholic hitters. Whang has very good power, and a very good eye. He wont K much and will draw a bunch of BB.

Rotation - The Alchies throw a SP at you every game who can shut down completely every game. Led by aces George Reuschel and Howard Fasano. If your loking for a weak spot in this rotation, keep looking.

Bull Pen - Eugene Hynes is a dominant closer as any in this league. the Alchies also feature Jason Lo Duca and Gene Costello to set it up for Hynes. Dont expect many BSV out of this pen.

3. Richmond Tyrants

Were a very good team last season and benefitted from the down Montgomery year, but the ressurgence of the Burns expect the Tyrants to drop back to 3rd place. By no means expect them to stink, they may even challenege for a wild card spot this season. Ultimately they will fall short of the playoffs losing out to one of the NL west teams for a WC spot.

C - Virgil Sheldon Has some good power but not a very good pictch calling catcher. The book is still open on Sheldon/

1B - David Rojas A very good hitter with good contact and power, with a great eye to boot. you could get anywhere form 25 to 40 Hr and a .300 BA out of Rojas.

2B - Enrique Ozuna is an average hitter witha great eye and speed. He is one of the guys who could do bad, or really good.

SS - Yorvit Torrealba Is a below average fielding SS, and besides his good power Torrealba looks to bat for a low average. Needless to say there are better options at SS. Although Torreable playing SS is not set in stone.

3B - Peter Chong Is young and has great power, good contact, and can hit against lefties or righties. Chong also has great speed and could be a 20-30+ SB threat.

LF - Felipe Cedeno The most powerful hitter in the lineup, Cedeno is a big tyime HR threat, who is posied for a big time season as his ability to hit both L and R is good.

CF - Lorenzo Garza A very good fielding CF in Garza. Would be best used ina platoon role vs R. Garza can hit for power, and has a great eye.

RF - Blake May Another power hitter in the lineup who looks to provide 35+ HR and 100+ RBI. A very good FA signing by the Tyrants thi syear.

Rotation - Led by ace Philip Reed the Tyrants have a solid pitching staff. Dion Forrest and Rick Neill look to have big years if they can provied 6 innings a game.

Bull Pen - The bull pen is solid but with a two guys with low stamina it could be tough to keep the SU and Cl rested when needed all the time.

4. Tampa Bay Pirates

Tampa Bay has struggled over the years to compeet in this tough division. And their dtruggles willonly continue this season. The pitching staff leaves alot to be desired. While the lineup has few bright spots.

C - Cesar Barrios One of the best young pitch calling catchers in the game. Barrios also hits for contact very well and very good vs righties.

1B - Chuck Robertson The man can hit for power plain and simple. He crushes lefties, and is good versus righties. A good year would include 35+ HRs and a .290+ BA

2B - Carlos Rios A below average hitter, not expected to carry a high average or hit many HRs. If small ball is oyur game, then Rios is your man. he can bunt like no toher, and has very good speed and BR abilities.

SS - Kimera Pressley Although having great range, and arm, Pressely has a slightly below average glove which could hurt a bit. Pressely does not hit many Hrs and is a below average contact hitter, but is another very good bunter in the lineup.

3B - Desi Nunez A good contact hitter, and very good versus righties. Nunez does have some pop but not much, and is also a decent hitter versus lefties.

LF - Kiki Campos is by far the best power hitter in the lineup. He could easily go for 50-60 HRs. Holding Campos back his is his lack of discipline. In the end he is a liability to the lineup regardless of his immense power.

CF - Steven Hiljus A below average center fielder defensively, who has below average contact, but slightly above average power. Hiljus does have good ability to hit Vs L and R handed pitchers and a decent eye.

RF - Sean Parris Like Hiljus, Parris has good discipline versus lefties and righties with a good eye also. Parris does hit for contact and power decent so you can expect a .280+ BA and 15-25 HRs

Rotation - TB has possibly the worst rotation in the league. Staff ace Edgar Pascual is a decent pitcher but he wont be winning any cy Youngs. Tony Rijo has potential to have a good year, but his ability to get leftie sout hurts those chance alot. After the first two pitchers the Pirates take a HUGE drop in quality. William Wang, P.J. Bush, and Dee Mathews round the rotation out. None of the three can get lefties or righties out. Bush and Matthews belong in HiA, yet they are starting in the ML. Which has the fans BEGGING management to call up minor leaguers Avila, Hasagewa, Parish, Presely, and Sierra. The 5 would drastically improve this team.

Bull Pen - The bright spot int he pitchers include closer Willie Winn and SU man Rafael Ortiz who look to get alot of work this yera in relief.




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