Minnesota Runnin Rails

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The reigning AL Champs are eager to make season 13 a magical season, when they finally capture that elusive 3rd World Series championship. And they quadrupled the Minnesota state debt load in a touch economy to make it happen, allocating a staggering $151 million toward player payroll. For that amount, they are hoping state heroes Prince and Bob Dylan will be able to play the National Anthem before every game as well (that would be an interesting duet, by the way!)

And if you are looking for a sign of their commitment, look no further than the signing of all-everything FA pitcher Adrain Adkinsson. The 38 year old Atkinsson was signed to a staggering 3 year, $70 million offer. Of course the three time Cy Young Award winner with over 200 career victories is showing no signs of slowing down, and adding him while taking his arm away from Oakland may keep Minnesota at the top of the heap in the AL yet again. The rest of the starting staff is strong while Orlando Campos and Brady Murphy anchor a strong bullpen.

Last season the Rails team was often mistaken for the Big Red Machine, with runs scored at a staggering pace. The names are familiar to opposing pitchers: Espinosa, Jung, Baez, Thompson, Rodriguez, Garcia. Add to that OBP giant Jeff Wood and there is no reason to believe that Minnesota won't challenge yet again for the AL championship and the World Series title.



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